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    Jump Jack

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    A platformer from Magnussoft.

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    Jump Jack is a jump & run computer game. In order to keep Jack in a healthy condition and to stock up on ammunition, you have to collect as many bonuses as possible. In addition to the bonuses, there are also extra lives to be found. Abundant save-points guarantee long lasting motivation, because it is possible to restart in the middle of a level, depending on the current amount of lives.

    Originally, Jump Jack was planned as a sequel to Monster Hunt, a Jump and Run game for the Atari home-computer.


    Jack’s girlfriend is kidnapped by an evil dragon. When Josi disappears Jacks takes the long and hard journey into the dragons lair to defeat his enemy and rescue Josi. But before he finally reaches Vulkania, the place of evil, he has to fight his way through the mountains of evil, the dark forest and the valley of marsh.



    There are a lot of collectables in Jump Jack. Those extras come in two categories: bonuses and score-increaser. The following is a list of collectibles: extra lives, god mode, speed increase, extra power, missile, extra time, and keys.


    Each area has its own enemies. Enemies scale with the difficulty level. Jack can defeat enemies by jumping on their heads. Jack can also defeat his foes by shooting stars at them.


    Players can use either the keyboard or a joystick. Jack can run, jump, climb, and duck.

    Save points

    There is a number of save points in each level. Save points are activated by walking over them. If you die, you will continue from the last save point if you have any remaining lives left. Those points are often right in front of extra hard passages in game, so take them as an indicator for danger.


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