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The game is based around the characters Lori Torres, a skilled pilot, and Mark Hanson, a photographer, who crash a plane carrying dinosaur DNA samples on Isla Sorna and must set out to recover the DNA. The player can choose to control either character and have to work their way through each level, collecting all dinosaur DNA particles before they can continue. Players can move up or down the screen, jump over gaps, move in and out of the background, and use their weapons and melee abilities to stun the smaller dinosaurs in their path. While the smaller dinosaurs can be stunned, they cannot be killed, and when the player encounters the larger "boss" dinosaurs in the game they must sneak past without touching them to progress. Occasionally the player will be required to play a shoot-'em-up mini-game where they must reassemble the dinosaur DNA they have collected. The game was generally poorly received by critics.

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