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Kainé is a prominent secondary character in Nier and Nier Replicant. Upon beginning a second playthrough, players have the opportunity to read through the dreams Kainé has during her five year petrification. In these dreams it is heavily hinted at but never outright stated that despite her female appearance, Kainé was born intersex. This leads to both she and her grandmother being driven from the Aerie. Kainé was possessed by the shade Tyrann (who offers to 'correct (your) little problem' if she wants him to) after the death of her grandmother at the hands of another Shade. She wears bandages along the left side of her body to hide the marks of her possession.

Kainé is a sword-wielding fighter who accompanies Nier on his journey. She normally uses two small swords, as well as a wide array of magic. She is also ill-tempered, angers easily, and her dialogue is laced with profanity. The profanity can be traced to her grandmother, who was rather foul-mouthed as well, while Kainé's anger stems not only from the loss of her grandmother and the treatment she has received over her gender and Shade possession, but just as much from her own sense of self-loathing.

Laura Bailey voices Kainé in the English language version of Nier, although her role is uncredited. Her Japanese voice actress is Atsuko Tanaka.

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