I got this game for free today from Blockbuster..

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Yeah, I know everyone is gonna be all shocked that Blockbusters are still around, lol. It's still worth checking out though if you buy used games, during the holiday season, they have buy 1 get 1 free on all the games $15 and under. Anyway, I saw they had Bayonetta there for $15, and I couldn't find anything else there besides K&L2, and Crackdown 2 which I was even slightly interested in. I opted to go with this, because ever since I saw the Thursday Night Throwdown for this game, the multiplayer has always sounded like something I wanted to at least try. 
It's about what I expected so far, and pretty much what Jeff has always made it out to be, but I still kinda enjoy it. I really have no interest in the single player because of how big of scumbags the characters are. I don't care for stories that involve people like them. The multiplayer though is at least a cool concept, and I don't really know if there was any way they could tweak it.  
In a game I just played online, it was only 4 people cuz the servers are kinda dead. In the first round, I actually went traitor by accident, and killed a guy when I was aiming for a cop, he just happened to run in front of me. Well, I wasn't gonna just give up though, so I killed the other player that was still alive too, and collected all the money, and made it to the chopper. I won the match with over 3 and a half million dollars, so I had a pretty good score, and bling...some nice achievements popped up too. Unfortunately, because I did this in the first round, I was basically out of the game for the rest of the matches, because as soon as the game started, every player teamed up to kill me as soon as  the match started. That pretty much sucks, and just ruins the multiplayer. I understand they have good reason to wanna kill me, they would  never catch up otherwise..but that's just an overall flaw of the game I think. 
I suppose it wasn't a big loss, I got this game for free technically since I got the awesome game Bayonetta along with it, but I just wanted to share my initial thoughts on the game, and to kinda inform people that if they wanna get it cheap, check out any Blockbuster that still might be in your area. I saw it at pretty much all the Blockbuster stores in my area. I did manage to always get White Knight Chronicles, Motorstorm Pacific Rift for PS3, and Mass Effect 2, and Darksiders on xbox 360 as part of the sale as well earlier in the week, so there's definitely some titles in their under $15 section to check out.

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Yeah, well. If dudes just straight up kill you at the start of the next game, they're ruining it for themselves. One of them will turn traitor at least and have everyone else shoot at him, considering all the money he picks up won't add to their tally. Ya dig?!

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I got god of war 3 and uncharted one, both of which I never played and it was $15 for both of them together.
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Yeah the concept of the MP for the game alway seemed awesome, but because of some of the players you run into, it can turn so bad.

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I really liked K&L2. The graphics are great, and it's a fun enough shooter. It's short enough that the repetitive nature doesn't have enough time to get too old.
As for the characters being scumbags:  and how. To paraphrase Ice T though, "Those aren't real people."

I'd play it at twice that price.

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That is one of the main reasons why I play with people I know. Makes the game 10 times more fun, not having to deal with griefing/teaming assholes. We play it FFA style, while getting some good laughs. It never gets old. :D

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