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 Male and Female Keflings
 Male and Female Keflings
 Keflings are resourceful people, they make great use of the natural resources of any lands and remain happy, loyal and dilligent even after being kicked or repeatedly lifted by giants. 

Kefling jobs

 Keflings can have 12 different jobs: 

Regular Kefling - The basic Kefling, these resourseful people can be used to collect resources and do unskilled work in your kingdom.
Crystal miner -  These Keflings can be recognised by their destinctive wizard hat and will mine crystals from a crystal patch.
Sheep Shearer - These Keflings are identifiable by their woolen cap, they love to shear sheep which will provide your kindgom with wool.
Lumberjack -  LumberJacks wear the traditional lumberjack hat, they can be seen chopping down trees around the kingdom.
Gatherer Kefling -  These gatherlings move resources to where you need them, they wear a basket for carrying materials on their head.
Smart kefling -  Keflings that attend a primary school will forever be known as smart keflings and can do more jobs than the basic Kefling
Graduate Kefling - Keflings that attend a secondary school will become graduates and can be tasked with advanced jobs. 
Guild Kefling -  keflings that attend a guild school will become guild Keflings and can take on specialised roles in the Kingdom
Mayor Kefling -  Each kingdom needs a mayor and one lucky Kefling can be selected for this role, Mayors love to give out tasks to visitors to their kingdom.
Lord Kefling - once the Kingdom has a lords manor, the mayor will become a lord.
King Kefling - If a castle is completed the Lord Kefling will become a King.      

Keflings in other series

Kefling in Raskulls
Kefling in Raskulls
   On December 8th Xbox Lives Majornelson revealed that as part of the Games for the Holidays special offer owners of all both A World of Keflings and Raskulls would unlock  playable keflings in the upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace title Raskulls.  

Ilomilo dressed as Kefling
Ilomilo dressed as Kefling
Characters from Ilomilo would be able to Dress up as Keflings if players owned both of these titles.  

Kefling statue in Comic Jumper
Kefling statue in Comic Jumper
A Kefling statue also appears in the lair of  in the  Xbox Live Marketplace title Comic Jumper, when the player Clicks on the statue both Captain Smiley and his sidekick Star make quips about how they feel the urge to kick it. 

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