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    A World of Keflings

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Dec 22, 2010

    The sequel to the avatar-based XBLA strategy game "A Kingdom for Keflings". Similarly to its predecessor, A World of Keflings tasks the player with building a kingdom using their relatively giant avatar.

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    A World of Keflings was released on Xbox Live Arcade on December 22nd, 2010 as the first title in Microsoft's Games for the Holidays promotion alongside IloMilo and Raskulls. The game features three Kefling kingdoms, each with their own unique theme, resources, and tech tree of buildings for the player to construct. The game also features multiplayer, both local for two players, and over Xbox Live for up to four.

    Like the original game, A Kingdom for Keflings, the player is tasked with helping the Kefling people build their "Kingdom" by completing a series of tasks (usually collecting resources or constructing a particular building), leading up to the construction of a Castle or Palace.

    A World of Keflings has a greater emphasis on story than A Kingdom for Keflings had, introducing a sizeable cast of new characters. Along with the inclusion of characters, a few new types of Keflings are introduced as well. The most notable are the Builder Keflings, who help the player by carrying components, reducing the number of trips back to the workshop.

    The addition of Builder Keflings, a greater emphasis on story and the inclusion of local multiplayer are just a few of games new features.

    “When we set out to make a second Keflings game we decided that we were going to do it right and make it a whole new experience that clearly was bigger and better than the first. A World of Keflings captures all the charm and casual-style of play of the first game, but adds more depth, humor and a ton of features players have requested.” - Brent Fox, Art Director

    As a part of the Games for the holidays promotion, players are able to purchase

    IloMilo and/or Raskulls from within A World of Keflings, even before either games release date. In addition to being able to purchase those games, if a player has achievements from either of them, houses for those characters can be built in any of the three Kefling worlds. Similar additions are found in IloMilo and Raskulls, including the a wearable kefling costume in IloMilo, and the ability to play as a kefling in Raskulls.



    The game opens with your Avatar trapped in ice in the frozen kingdom. A group of keflings are mining the ice that you are trapped in, releasing you from your prison, scarring away the keflings, all but one, a larger kefling named Bob. Bob starts you on what plays out as the opening tutorial for the game, teaching you the basics of collecting resources, building structure components, and building a structure by fulfilling its blueprints, before he and his brother Doug (who you rescue from a block of ice as part of the tutorial) ask to help you out by becoming your lackeys (for those that are familure with the Characters of Bob and Doug McKenzie, the humor here is a little extra special).

    After helping the keflings in the frozen land, you are given the missing piece to the first portal that transports you to the Forrest kingdom where you are tasked with helping the king and princess build their castle. The majority of the game plays out in the Forrest kingdom, the closest match to the first games kingdom, but has you travel back to the frozen kingdom, and to a desert kingdom as well. As a part of this journey, you encounter a few more larger Keflings (apparently all related to Bob and Doug) who join you just as Bob and Doug did.

    The game is completed in much the same way as A Kingdom for Keflings, with the construction of a castle. Only this time, you are able to build one for all three of the kingdoms. The game remains open for you to continue after its complete however, allowing you to customize the three kingdoms as you please.

    Avatar Awards

    The game has two avatar awards for players to unlock.

    • Helmet - Talk to the Chief at the Great Hall in the Ice Kingdom.
    • Dragon - Make friends with the baby dragon released from an egg in the Ice Kingdom.

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