Kendo Rage

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 22, 1993

    Kendo Rage is a side-scrolling action platformer from Kemco, which borrows elements from Valis, Parodius, and the original Prince of Persia.

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    Kendo Rage is a side-scrolling action title developed by Affect and published by Datam Polystar for SNES that was released in 1993. In the game, the player controls Josephine, a schoolgirl who recently came to live with her grandfather in rural Japan, at his kendo dojo. After her summer vacation, she leaves for her first day at school. However, her kendo skills will be tested as she faces all sorts of bizarre enemies on the way.

    Kendo Rage has an anime art style, complete with characters engaging in melodramatic posturing, and Josephine becomes briefly super-deformed when hit. The game also features a persistent timer that runs over the course of the game, displayed in the upper-left corner. If the player doesn't beat the final boss by the time the clock reads 9:00, Josephine will be late for school and a bad ending will result.

    The game is known as Makeruna! Makendou in Japan and has several Japan-only sequels.


    The game has seven stages, each with different environmental themes.

    Stage 1 – Cliff Hanger

    Josephine must get from her house to her bus stop and catch her bus. At the bus stop she must defeat a robotic Super-Deformed duplicate of herself.

    Stage 2 – Ice Queen

    Josephine must navigate a snow-covered mountain pass to reach her next bus connection, and defeat a crazed karaoke singer who unleashes ice attacks.

    Stage 3 – The Pond

    Josephine must get through various underwater caves and defeat 3 vicious fish to continue along her way.

    Stage 4 – Technodyne

    Josephine now must get through a construction site and fight a transforming giant robot in order to catch the cable car from the mountain to the city.

    Stage 5 – Commute

    Josephine must fend off attackers as she rides the cable car down to the bottom of the mountain, and then while taking the train.

    Stage 6 – Triathlon

    Once she's reached her stop, Josephine must fend off three groups of athletes bent on stopping her from making it to school on time, including a dark magical girl with tennis themed attacks.

    Stage 7 – School Daze

    As she races to school, Josephine faces a final boss rush, and one last demonic opponent hell-bent on keeping her from getting to school on time.


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