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    Valis: The Fantasm Soldier

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released 1986

    A side scrolling action game with a female protagonist. The original 1986 8-bit game was later remade for the Genesis/MegaDrive and the PC-Engine Super CD formats. It is (in a sense) both the first and last game in the Valis series.

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    Mugen Senshi Valis/Phantasm Soldier Valis is the first game in the Valis series. In it, the heroine, Yuuko Asou, is chosen by Queen Valia (in reality her mother) to save the dream world kingdom of Vecanti from the tyranny of King Rogles, who has destroyed the "balance" of Vecanti. The game was first released in 1986 for the MSX and PC-88, with many other versions to follow later. Thusly, there are many different variations on the game (really, they're different games with the same cast of characters and story.)


    The core characters found in every version of the game, and indeed in most of the Valis series.

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    • Yuuko Asou

    A schoolgirl who is in reality a descendant of Queen Valia of the dreamworld. She is given the Valis sword and requested to return and save Vecanti from Rogles, who has thrown the world out of balance. She returns in all subsequent Valis games to save the dream world.

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    • Queen Valia

    A Queen and Goddess-like figure of the Dreamworld, she is supposed to maintain the balance between light and dark. She selects Yuuko to be the next warrior of Valis. It is later revealed she is Yuuko's true mother.

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    • Reiko Kirishima

    Yuuko's friend from school, she has been tricked by Rogles in to becoming an evil warrior. Yuko is forced to kill her in battle, but she recovers as she is dying and forgives Yuuko.

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    • Dark King Rogles

    The villain of the first Valis game, an evil king of monsters who desires to cover Vecanti and eventually all worlds in darkness. He returns in Valis 3 as a henchman for Emperor Grames, seeking revenge on Yuuko. He is possibly the most genuinely evil villain in the series, as he has little to no motivation beyond being "evil for the sake of it."

    Mugen Senshi Valis: The Legend of a Fantasm Soldier

    Yuuko dons her armor for the first time.
    Yuuko dons her armor for the first time.

    The final Valis game for the PC Engine, it is yet another retelling of the story of Yuko becoming the warrior of Valis. Upon being gifted with the Valis sword by Queen Valia, Yuko is attacked by monsters from Rogles' army who have invaded the human world. Yuko's friend, Reiko, is also brainwashed by Rogles in to becoming a dark soldier for his army, as "counter" to Valia's Yuko. As is typical of the PC-Engine Valis games, the game is voiced and has many cutscenes to help tell the story. Yuko can attack, jump, crouch and slide in this game. Yuko also has a number of special spells at her disposal which are obtained from bosses.


    The game has a variety of different items Yuuko can pick up. Many of them change Yuuko's attacks. Most items are stored in boxes, which can be destroyed to reveal the item. Picking up multiple shot power ups of the same type increase the power of Yuuko's attack, up to three levels.

    Level 3 cutter.
    Level 3 cutter.
    • Heal: A small heart that recovers 2 HP.
    • Recover: A large heart which recovers all HP.
    • S Magic: A small star which recovers 2 MP.
    • B Magic: A large star which recovers 8 MP.
    • 1 up: Grants Yuuko an extra life.
    • Bullet: Yuuko fires a simple strong projectile forward. When powered up, it also fires a smaller projectile at an angle upwards.
    • Saber: Yuuko fires energy swords forward. The number of swords fired increases when leveled up.
    • Hunter: Yuuko fires flaming birds that home in on enemies. The number fired increases when leveled up.
    • Cutter: Yuuko fires a crescent slash forwards. When powered up, she fires a second one straight upwards as well.
    • Arc shot: Yuuko fires green bouncing balls. The number of balls increases when leveled up.


    • Stage 1: City in the World of Humans

    Immediately after being granted the Valis Sword, Yuuko is assaulted by numerous monsters. She has to fight her way to safety! The boss of this stage is Gaida. He curls in to a ball and bounces around the room, causes earthquakes, and fires smaller creatures out of his back. When he is defeated, Yuuko learns the magic "Earthquake".

    • Stage 2: Ice mountain

    Now in the dreamland of Vecanti, Yuuko must battle through a mountain of Ice. The boss is a bird-woman, Geeva. She fires feathers and divebombs. Yuuko learns "Ice Feather" when Geeva is defeated.

    • Stage 3: Rocky Valley

    Cast in to a pit by Rogles, Yuuko encounters haunted swords and bouncing mouth creatures. The boss of this stage is Aizard, a wizard who turns out to not be genuinely evil. Yuuko learns "Rune Barrier" when Aizard is defeated.

    • Stage 4: Realm of Fire

    Of course this area contains many fire-themed enemies, including wheels of fire that hug the terrain similar to many enemies from the "Metroid" series. The boss is a soldier of fire named Bennon. Yuuko learns the spell "Flame Ring" when he is defeated.

    • Stage 5: Devilish castle

    A castle full of monsters and fiercesome statuary. The boss is a two-headed dragon named Voldes. Yuuko learns "Giga Thunder" when he is defeated.

    The two-headed dragon Voldes.
    The two-headed dragon Voldes.
    • Stage 6: Forest path

    A surprisingly pleasant forest on the way to Rogles' castle, it is nevertheless full of monsters which attempt to kill Yuuko. Yuuko confronts Reiko here, unfortunately being forced to fatally wound her.

    • Stage 7: Rogles' Castle

    King Rogles' castle is full of traps, especially of the spikey variety. Rogles is the boss, and he has multiple forms. For his first form, he simply floats back and forth, periodically firing a number of beams from his fingertips. After this form is defeated, his discards his characteristic black robe and fights Yuuko wearing battle armor and wielding a ball and chain. He now moves around somewhat more erratically, attempts to strike Yuuko with his weapon, and fires exploding projectiles at Yuuko. After he is defeated, the ending cutscene is played. Enjoy!

    Famicom Version

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    Famicom Rogles.
    Famicom Rogles.

    The Famicom version of the game is significantly different from most other iterations. The game is free-roaming, with areas being set up as mazes with many items hidden throughout. Yuuko has to backtrack at several points to advance to the end of the game. The maze-like areas are also quite complex. The basic story is the same; however, the game also has multiple endings (4 possible, 5 if "game over" is included). The different endings are determined by some player choices and by whether the player defeats or loses to a particular opponent. All of the core characters, Yuuko, Reiko, Valia and Rogles are present.


    There are a large number of items present in the game which serve a variety of purposes.

    • SWORDS: Yuuko's weapons.
    1. Beam Saber: The default sword type that Yuuko begins the game with. It fires single bullets and is rather weak.
    2. High Beam Saber: Slightly stronger, this now fires two bullets.
    3. Wide Beam Saber: Somewhat stronger than the high beam saber, it fires two large bullets.
    4. Laser Saber: Significantly stronger, this fires laser bullets.
    5. Valis Sword: The strongest sword, and the only weapon capable of defeating Rogles.
    • OPTION ITEMS: These are single use items.
    The Valis Quake.
    The Valis Quake.
    1. Boomerang: A powerful projectile that moves straight forward, equivalent to roughly 10 sword bullets. Yuuko can hold three of them.
    2. Bomb: A powerful projectile which moves at an arc when thrown, it is equivalent to 5 sword bullets. Yuuko can hold three of them.
    3. Valis Quake: Destroys all regular enemies on the screen. It does not effect mini-bosses or bosses.
    • BOOTS: Boots for Yuuko which can be equipped.
    1. Power Boots: These boots increase Yuuko's movement speed by a large margin.
    2. Valis Boots: These boots increase Yuuko's jump to 5 blocks from the usual 3 blocks.
    • AUTO-USE ITEMS: These items are used automatically when found by Yuuko. These items can be found in any area.
    1. Drink: Heals two bars on Yuuko's life meter.
    2. Barrier: Makes Yuuko invincible for a period of time.
    3. Drug: Completely restores Yuuko's life meter.
    • MYSTERY ITEMS: Mysterious items with mysterious purposes!
    1. Pot: When taken to certain locations, these heal Yuuko by a large amount.
    2. Flower: Unknown
    3. Hammer: Allows some hidden rooms to be entered
    4. Map: A map of the area.
    • AUTO ITEMS: These items are always active after being picked up.
    1. Shield: Reduces the damage Yuuko takes from enemies.
    2. Cape: Unknown
    3. Float: Increases Yuuko's walking speed.
    4. Spike: Prevents Yuuko from sliding on ice.
    5. Lamp: Necessary to enter certain areas.
    6. Bubble: Unknown
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    VALIS JEWELRY: Yuuko must collect all of these to complete the game. The first four are necessary to enter Rogles' castle.

    BOSSES: The game contains several major bosses who need to be defeated in order for the player to advance the game.

    The fierce Mezaak.
    The fierce Mezaak.
    • Mezaak: A large one-eyed creature who attacks by shooting a number of projectiles in a set pattern as he advances at the player. After its body is destroyed, its "head" detaches and begins continues to attack, shooting shots in a similar pattern to the first form while flying around in arcs.
    • Habish: A creature composed of ice. It hugs the right side of the screen and shoots chevron-like projectiles at Yuuko.
    • Hesgild: Hesgild is a snake-like creature. It pops up out of the swamp and spins, shooting projectiles all over the place.
    • Gelzebas: A giant, three-headed demon. It stands in place, shooting bullets in arcs while small enemies enter the screen from behind him.
    • King Rogles: Rogles appears as a silhouette which moves around in his chamber. He can only be seen when he moves past the pillars in the room, but he can be damaged at all times. Only the Valis Sword damages him. When he is hit, he appears and shoots a large number of projectiles for a period before vanishing and moving around as a silhouette again.
    • Queen Valia: Queen Valia challenges Yuuko at the end of the game to see if Yuuko wants to become the next Goddess ("power controller"). She simply moves towards Yuuko constantly.


    • City

    A city in the Human world (Tokyo) The game begins here. The mini-bosses Gaiomu and Gidral are first encountered here. This area leads to the ruins, the first area in the dream world.

    • Ruins

    The first area inside of the dream world. The complexity of the area has increased drastically from the city. The High Beam Saber is located here. The mini-bosses Gyanias and Skelton are first encountered here. Mezaak, one of the terrible monsters guarding a piece of the Valis Jewely, is also located in this area.

    • Jungle
    A zoleid.
    A zoleid.

    A forest full of monsters. The Wide Beam Saber and Valis boots are located here. The mini-boss Zoleid is first encountered here. The monster Hesgild, who guards a piece of the Valis Jewelry, is found in this area.

    • World of Ice

    An icy mountain. The pot, laser saber, power boots and lamp are located here. Habish, a monster protecting one of the Valis Jewels, is located here. This is also the area where Reiko is fought.

    • Underground World

    Fiery caves accessed through the Jungle or World of Ice. Gelzebas, one of the monsters protecting a piece of the Valis Jewelry, is fought here. The Valis Sword is located in an area behind him.

    • Rogles' Castle
    Famicom Rogles introduces himself.
    Famicom Rogles introduces himself.

    A huge, extremely complex maze-like castle. The mini-boss edgetaim is encountered here. At the end of the area, Yuuko fights Rogles and then Queen Valia. Valia is fought AGAIN after she is beaten in Rogles' castle, at the fountain which brought Yuuko to the dream world. Depending on what happens in the fights with Queen Valia, the player gets different endings.


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