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    The Legendary Axe

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 29, 1989

    Gogan goes on a quest to save his friend Flare from an evil cult with the aid of a legendary weapon. An action game for the Turbografx-16, developed by Marvelous Interactive.

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    Side-scrolling platform brawler known for its high degree of difficulty. The game takes place in a stone-age setting with many strange creatures like giant spiders, bears that stand when attacking (not real common in the real world), stone giants, and floating eyeballs. It takes place over six different zones. The player is given a strength gauge to determine the power of the axe's attack that is depleted after one swing and regenerates afterwards. The player can increase the main character's damage for his axe, but swinging too often depletes this power temporarily, so it's better to aim than swing wildly in order to get the most out of each swing.

    It was a critical hit, receiving Game of the Year Award from Video Games & Computer Entertainment magazine. This caused quite the uproar of readers of all gaming magazines of the day, especially EGM.

    It is, fairly surprisingly, still not on the Virtual Console, despite being one of the highest profile releases for the TG-16.


    The player is Gogan, who is seeking to save Flare, a childhood friend, from a sacrifice to a local cult. When Gogan learns that Flare has been sent to the sacrifice, the village elders gives him the legendary axe in order to save her and battle the cult that has tormented the village for generations.


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