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    Telenet Japan Co., Ltd.

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    A former Japanese video game developer and publisher, best known for their Valis series. They closed their doors in 2007, after 24 years of development.

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    Telenet Japan Co, Ltd. was founded in 1983. The majority of Telenet Japan's games were developed and published on Japanese PCs and never saw an American release, but many of the company's TurboGrafx-16 and Sega Genesis games eventually made their way to the United States via Sega (Valis) and Working Designs (Cosmic Fantasy). The company opened their own publishing arm in America, Renovation Studios, which mostly published games developed by Wolfteam for the Sega CD until Renovation was bought by Sega in 1993.

    Telenet Japan Co, Ltd. internal development studios, RiOT and Wolfteam, eventually split from the parent company. Wolfteam morphed into Bandai Namco's Tales studio, responsible for the Japanese RPG Tales series, and RiOT more or less became Camelot. Mario Golf is likely Camelot's most famous franchise.

    Telenet Japan closed its doors in 2007. Since then, SunSoft has purchased its library for possible distribution on Nintendo's Virtual Console service.

    Edia acquired Telenet's catalogue from City Connection in January 2020.


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