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    King Harkinian

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    My boy, King Harkinian is Zelda's father in the Legend of Zelda CD-i games.

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    King Harkinian is a Zelda character who appeared in the CD-i titles. He is not exclusive to the games as he has been featured in the animated series, and in some of the comic books based off the franchise. In both games his role was different.

    In Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, the King embarks on a quest to save Duke Onkled from being attacked by Ganon and his cohorts. He asks Zelda to send for Link if he isn't back in a month. After one month, Zelda decides to save her father with Impa. In the end, Duke Onkled turns out to be the traitor who got the King captured, and is commanded to scrub the floors of Hyrule.

    In Link: The Faces of Evil, Harkinian is only seen at the beginning, and is informed by Gwonam that, "Only Link can defeat Ganon."


    Link: The Faces of Evil

    "My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for."

    "Hmm, how can we help?"

    Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

    "Zelda! Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon, I'm going to Gamelon to aid him!"

    "I'll take the Triforce of Courage to protect me. If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link!"

    "Enough! My ship sails in the morning! I wonder what's for dinner??"

    "You saved me!"

    "After you've scrubbed all the floors in Hyrule, then we can talk about mercy. Take him away!"

    Internet meme

    King Harkinian has become an internet meme due to the voice actor's clear spelling. Therefore, YouTube users took advantage of this by using music softwares to mix his sentences in order to make him sound more hillarious.


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