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Solid DLC add-on

OK, this DLC can be really, really short or somewhat lengthy, depending on what you actually want to accomplish. If you wish to just tackle the Dead Kel storyline, that takes less than 3 hours to finish. But, there is a lot more to do in this pack than just the main storyline. There is a huge keep to rebuild. There are numerous caves to deal with. There is a large enemy area that you have to tackle that is laden with dozens of enemies in a small area. They even change up the environment, providing more of a deserted island feel than the main game.

The keep ends up being a huge thing because, when fully upgraded, anything you need will be there. However, by the point you get there, the DLC will have been completed as the full upgrade of the keep is actually one of the later Achievements you will get. Odds are, you will have finished basically everything else before this is done.

Now, if you hated the original, you are unlikely to adore this. If you liked it, you will like this. It's as simple as that.

At $10 on XBLA, the pack is well worth the money. A few new enemy types, an enjoyable storyline, and about 12 hours of content, which makes it one of the better DLC add-on packs in the last few years.

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