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    Kirk Hammett

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    Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist for the metal band Metallica and is a character in Guitar Hero: Metallica.

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    Kirk was born on November 18, 1962 in San Francisco (1962-11-18). As a teenager he became widely interested in Guitars and taught himself to play. His musical experimentation ultimately led him to co-found the band Exodus along with vocalist Paul Baloff. Exodus was one of the pioneers of what eventually became known as the thrash-metal genre and was well regarded in the Bay City's fast growing metal scene. It was with Exodus that Kirk would first share the stage with future bandmates James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Cliff Burton as the band was twice the opening act for Metallica. The impression made during these shows led to him getting offered the lead guitarist spot in Metallica  after the band fired Dave Mustaine. The rest is as they say history. From his immediate contributions to Kill' em All to Metallica's smash hit Enter Sandman to the band's latest album Death Magnetic, Kirk has proven to be one of heavy metal's finest guitarists, renowned for his solos and his unique use of  wah-wah pedals.   

    Kirk Hammett in Guitar Hero: Metallica
    Kirk Hammett in Guitar Hero: Metallica
    While Kirk's early playing style was self taught, he would later look to expand his knowledge of music. For two years Kirk studied under the tutelage of world-renowed guitarist Joe Satriani and refined his fast playing style to include the melodic elements that would surface in future Metallica albums.  In fact according to an interview Satriani gave Turkish music magazine Blue Jean, Kirk was his last student. 

    Currently Written

    • Kill 'Em All
    • Ride The Lightning
    • Master Of Puppets
    • ...And Justice For All
    • Metallica (Black Album)
    • Load
    • ReLoad
    • St. Anger
    • Death Magnetic

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