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Jeremy Cash (Konotori) was born to Michael Cash (American businessman) and Delores Cash while they were in Japan for business. At the age of three (just prior to his fourth birthday), his parents were killed in a plane crash in the mountains of Japan. Cash barely survived the incident to be rescued by a farmer from the town of Kyosaka. The farmer adopted and raised Jeremy and later taught him martial arts. During his training, Cash became stronger and more adept than his adoptive father. He developed his own skills that took advantage of his unbelievable light weight.

Cash returned to Japan after his sixteenth birthday only to witness The Ninja murder his adoptive father. A wealthy landowner had hired The Ninja to persuade him to take up the offer of that a local baron had made to buy the family property. It was this moment that Cash vowed to get revenge, so he vanished into the underworld of Tokyo to improve his fighting technique. Later, he appeared as The Stork or better known as "Konotori." He then entered the Way of the Warrior tournament not for glory, but vengeance.

Konotori utilizes his Japanese martial arts training as well as his incredible light weight. This provides him with great speed and smoothness to glide in the air after a jump.

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