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The title was heavily inspired by the original Mortal Kombat, with their usage of digitized actors and hyper-violent finishers. It is one of the first releases of publishing house Naughty Dog. An arcade version was planned in addition to the 3DO release, with laser disc game company American Laser Games at the helm. Several cabinets were produced, but ALG went under before the cabinets could be put into mass production.

The game also featured music by alternative metal band; White Zombie and songs from their 1992 album La Sexorcisto.


In a citadel, high in the Himalayan mountains, powerful warriors, both good & evil, mortal & immortal convene once per century for a great tournament. The prize is an inscription of their history, fighting styles & methods into the "Book of Warriors." This magical book provides the balance for good and evil in the world.

This is the last tournament though, because the book has only one empty page left. Whoever wins this tournament will tip the balance in favor of good or evil for all eternity.

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