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  • Trenton : Fighting with a razor sharp sword and incredible speed, Trenton is one of Mind Master's main enemies. The main fighter of Dark Presence, Trenton could be compared to Ryu from Capcom's franchise, Street Fighter.
  • Wilson : Tired of losing to his twin brother Trenton, Wilson goes crazy after Mind Master attempts to make a deal and control his mind. He wields a blade and uses lighting fast attacks to defeat his opponents. In a sense: if Trenton is Ryu, Wilson is Ken Masters.
  • Vamphyrial : After being ambushed by Mind Master in his own mansion, Vamphyrial found his love, Ravona, turned against him. He now travels the land, hoping that the devastating reach on his double bladed scythe will help him defeat Mind Master and save Ravona.
  • Ravona : Under the control of Mind Master, Ravona is used a pawn to fight those who challenge Mind Master (including Vamphyrial, her true love!) Her unleashed rage makes her deadly with her trusty staff.
  • Kyla : A bounty hunter from a distant land, Kyla almost died while on a mission with Kin Kade. After meeting Titan, she is forced to fight for what is hers. Kyla fights with blades on both her arms and her feet.
  • Titan : Gangleader Titan sided with Mind Master in hopes of taking over the town. Not the fastest character, Titan instead focuses on pure strength and especially violent tactics to take down his foes.
  • Kin Kade : Bounty hunter Kin Kade was tasked with stopping Mind Master and Titan, but instead took the opportunity to settle the score with Kyla. Kin Kade fights with twin hook chains and rocks his khakis with a cuff and a crease.
  • Veil : Blind and left for dead after an intense ambush, Vincent Cron seeks revenge on Titan, Ravona, and Mind Master. He adopted the name Veil after the incident. Veil has a tattoo of the Galloping Ghost Productions logo on his right arm.
  • Mind Master : The lead antagonist of Dark Presence, Mind Master lived in seclusion after the murder of his parents by a mob of townspeople. During that time, he developed extraordinary cognitive abilities allowing him to control the thoughts of those with weaker minds. Mind Master ultimately seeks revenge against the town but first must take care of the forces within the town which oppose him.
  • ?????? : One hidden character, rumored to actually be Mind Master's brother and infamous boss from the Super Smash Bros. franchise, Master Hand. The secret silhouette actually features what appears to be a classic samurai, similar to the classic Mega Man boss, Yamato Man.

Each of the characters in Dark Presence are played by different actors and feature unique finishing moves, weapons and fighting styles. There are three finishing moves for each character, each of which can be linked into another finishing move if playing with a second character on the player's side.


Dark Presence features a large animation library of more than 350 moves and reactions per character.

Part of the reason for the high number of recordings is that instead of just flipping the image when the character moves to the other side of the screen, Galloping Ghost actually recorded separate sets of animations featuring the character facing both directions. In addition, none of the characters on the roster are palette swapped versions of other characters, a technique for increasing a game's roster without needing to create new character models (notably used in Mortal Kombat.)

Unique Cabinet Elements

The arcade cabinet for Dark Presence features many unique elements, including a real time clock and internal calendar to display seasonally correct backgrounds in the levels, as well as adapting backgrounds from day to night in real time. The cabinet also features a prize drawer to reward the first player to beat the game with a certain character in their arcade. The prize the player receives is a model of character they played, meaning that each cabinet must be large enough to hold 10 prizes.

The cabinet has shock bracelets for the players to wear. The losing player will receive a "small, totally controlled and harmless shock" when their opponent performs a finishing move.


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