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    Kuniang Martial Arts Team

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    The Kuniang Martial Arts team are a trio of sisters (and their master, in the reboot) which confront Hiryu in the Strider series.

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    • Black Ton Pooh, the name given by Gamest magazine to the three palette-swapped Kuniang members fought in the boss rush in Strider's final stage.
    • Nang Pooh/Nam Pooh, said in Namco X Capcom to be a clone of Ton Pooh, and serves as the third sister (replacing Sai Pooh) in the 2014 reboot.
    • Xi Wang Mu, the master of the sisters in the 2014 reboot.
    • Kirrin/Osman, who was designed as being "related to the Ton Pooh clan" and has a similar kicking attack.

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