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Kylie Ann Minogue, born on 28 May 1968, Melbourne Australia.  Kylie is the eldest of three siblings. she has a sister Dani (Danielle) and a brother Brendan.

Kylie first appeared on screen in "The Sullivans" in 1980 but it was her role as Charlene in the Australian soap "Neighbours" (1985) that launched her as a well known name.

Kylie moved from acting to singing purely by accident when a record company executive heard Kylie's rendition of Little Eva's 1962 hit "The Loco-Motion".  She signed with PWL Records and Stock Aitken and Waterman in 1987. Nine albums (Kylie (1988), Enjoy Yourself (1989), Rhythm Of Love (1990), Let's Get To It (1991) Kylie Minogue (1994) Impossible Princess [released as Kylie in the UK] (1997), Light Years (2000), Fever (2001), Body Language (2003), X (2007), Aphrodite (2010)) and two greatest hits compilations followed.  She made history by having more than 20 consecutive top ten hits in the charts.

IN 1989 Kylie made her motion picture debut starring as Lola in teen angst drama The Delinquents. Other notable performances were in the movies Street Fighter and Moulin Rouge!

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