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    Lavender Town

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    A small town in Northeast Kanto, in the Pokemon Franchise. The city is home to the Pokemon Tower and later the Kanto Radio Tower.

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    Lavender Town is situated south of route 10, east of route 8 and north of route 12. In the first generation games and in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen the town is famed for its various ghost sightings, but in the second generation games and in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver the town is distinctly more modernized.


    Pokemon Tower/Radio Tower

    In the first generation of Pokemon games and FireRed and LeafGreen the most notable location of Lavender Town is the Pokemon Tower in the northeast corner of the town, the seven floors of which house the graves of hundreds of deceased Pokemon. People visit the building daily to mourn the loss of the deceased and the majority of Pokemon trainers that can be encountered in the tower are channelers of spirits. One channeler has created an area on the fifth floor which wild Pokemon cannot enter and can be used to heal all Pokemon in the player's party. Wild Gastly, Haunter and Cubone can be encountered in the tower. The ghost-type Pokemon of the tower have the unique ability to disguise themselves as the ghosts of humans and under normal conditions Pokemon cannot fight them as they will be "too scared to move". However, if a player has the Silph Scope item in their bag the true identities of the ghost Pokemon will be revealed and they can be fought as normal. One citizen of Lavender Town claims that Pokemon Tower is the home of Pokemon that have died at the hands of Team Rocket
    In the events of the games Team Rocket attempt to steal the skulls of the Cubone in the tower to sell them for profit. While trying to protect her child Cubone a mother Marowak in the tower was killed by Team Rocket and her sprit lived on to haunt the tower. Local resident Mr. Fuji attempted to confront the poachers but was he himself captured by Team Rocket. The player faces and defeats the spirit of the mother Marowak (the spirit cannot be captured) at the base of the stairs to the sixth floor, at which point the spirit is put to rest and returns to the afterlife. On the seventh floor of the tower the player faces three Team Rocket Grunts who one by one leave the tower as they are defeated until the player is able to rescue the trapped Mr. Fuji. After rescuing Mr. Fuji they are immediately taken to the Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House where Mr. Fuji rewards them with the Poke Flute. The player also encounters their rival on the 2nd floor of the tower and in Pokemon Yellow Version also encounters Jessie and James.


    In the second generation games and Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver the Pokemon Tower has been converted into the Radio Tower, a center for broadcasting the music and radio programs of Kanto. Only the ground floor of the tower is open to the public due to the Team Rocket attack on the Goldenrod Radio Tower and in the second generation games there are also appear to be stairs leading down to a basement level but they are blocked by a guard. After restoring power to Kanto by fixing the generator at the Power Plant players can receive the EXPN Card from the tower manager which allows them to tune into the Poke Flute channel on their Pokegears. 

    Name Rater's House 

    Living in a house in the South of the town the Name Rater allows players to rename any Pokemon which they are the original trainer of.

    Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House

    The Lavender Volunteer Pokemon House is a home for orphaned and abandoned Pokemon set up by kind local resident Mr. Fuji. It can be found in the center of the town.

    Soul House

    The Soul House is a building that only appears in the town in the second generation games and in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It is a small building in the Southeast of the town which is located where the Pokemart is found in the first generation games and in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. When the Pokemon Tower was converted into the Radio Tower this is where the graves of the tower were moved to, although most of them are kept in secret chambers which only Mr. Fuji knows about.

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