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 National Pokedex No: #092 
Types: Ghost, Poison 
Found in: Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh 
 Evolves at: Level 25 

Evolutionary Chain

 Gastly (Level 25) --> Haunter  (Trading)--> Gengar


  •   Gastly is a ghost Pokémon, that appear to be nothing more than a floating, black, gaseous ball with large eyes and a polished pair of fangs. Male and female Gastlies cannot be distinguished from one another, which possibly has an impact on breeding. Gastlys are also very fond of pranking others. They are mostly found in old buildings and cemeteries, such as the Pokémon Tower in Red & Blue
  • Being composed of gas, Gastly has the ability to slip in-between cracks to reach anywhere It desires. Unfortunately, this also means It has a problem with wind. As a gas creature, It is less dense than if It were liquid or solid. Since Its gas is poisonous, trainers are adviced to keep a distance from It. Due to Its state of matter, Gastly weighs a mere 0.2 lbs, making It one of the lightest Pokemon.
  • Gastlys uses Dark type moves such as Shadow Ball and Bite, as well as Ghost moves like Confuse Ray. Gastlys are weak to elemental attacks. Gastlys learns a variety of Psychic and Ghost type attacks as they level up, such as Dream Eater, Destiny Bond, and the devastating Lick.

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