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    The Setting for the second generation of Pokemon (Gold, Silver, Crystal). This region is home to 100 new and exclusive Pokemon that did not appear in the original Versions. This is also the setting of Pokemon anime seasons 3-5.

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    The Johto region is one of the many regions in the Pokémon franchise. Johto is directly west of the Kanto region, and even shares a few locations with its neighboring region. Johto is primarily featured in Pokémon Gold/Silver and Pokémon Crystal (as well as the remake, Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver). The Johto region contains 100 new Pokémon from the original Pokémon.

    Johto has many differences from other regions. It doesn't contain many things that previous regions had, including a Safari Zone, a cycling road, a unique Victory Road, a unique Pokémon League, and a unique evil team (Johto shares Team Rocket with the Kanto region). In addition, there are no Pikachu to be found in the wild.



    The Johto region starts where Kanto left off (Route 29). The Johto region continues onto Route 46. Route 28 (which is from Kanto) actually contains parts from Johto (Silver Cave).

    New Bark Town
    New Bark Town

    Towns, Cities & Notable Locations

    • New Bark Town - New Bark Town is the starting town for the Johto region. Here lives Professor Elm (who gives the player the choice of Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil) and the player character (be it male or female). New Bark Town is so far the only location that screenshots have been released of from Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver.
    • Cherrygrove City - Cherrygrove City is located in the south of the Johto region. It is the second town encountered in the game, and contains no Gym (rather, it serves as a "tutorial" city, introducing players to the game). To further reinforce its status as a tutorial city, Guide Gent can give the player a tour of the many features of the Pokémon franchise, including the Pokémon Mart, Pokémon Center, houses, the sea, and Routes.
      Violet City
      Violet City
    • Violet City - Violet City is the third city seen in the Johto region, and the location of the first Gym. The Gym is led by Falkner, whose specialty is Flying type Pokémon. Violet City contains other sights, from Sprout Tower (a large tower that houses monks who live to train Pokémon) to the Pokémon Academy. In addition, it is one of the few cities where players can make in-game trades (a Bellsprout for an Onix).
    • Azalea Town - Azalea Town is the fourth town seen in the Johto region. It houses Bugsy, the Gym Leader of Azalea, whose specialty is the Bug type Pokémon. In addition, Kurt lives in Azalea. He is the designer of many custom Poké Balls, which can be designed to specifically catch a type of Pokémon. Slowpoke Well is also located in Azalea Town; it is a large area that is heavily populated by Slowpokes, who are held in high standards by the residents of Azalea.
    • Goldenrod City - Goldenrod City is one of the largest cities in the Johto region. The Gym Leader of Goldenrod is Whitney, who uses primarily Normal type Pokémon. Goldenrod contains many things, such as the Bike Shop (where the player can obtain a bicycle), a large department store, a game center (that houses many slot machines), a name rater (who rates the Pokémon names), a large radio tower (that broadcasts four radio programs every day), the Magnet Train station (a railroad that goes between Saffron City and Goldenrod City), an underground path (a passage in which groomers can raise Pokémon friendship vaules), and a flower shop (in which lives a person who can tell the happiness of a Pokémon).
      Goldenrod City
      Goldenrod City
    • Ecruteak City - Ecruteak City is the hometown of Morty, the Gym Leader whose specialty is Ghost type Pokémon. Ecruteak is known as the historical city, and its position as such is better established by its traditional Japanese architecture, the residents' speak of older traditions and legends, and the city's role in many myths. Ecruteak City also houses the Brass Tower (said to be the resting place of Lugia), the Tin Tower (said to be the resting place of Ho-Oh), and the Kimono Dance Theater (a place where the player can battle the Kimono Girls, and gain an HM for defeating them).
    • Olivine City - Olivine City is a coastal town, and the home of Jasmine, the Gym Leader who specializes in Steel type Pokémon. Olivine City also houses the Glitter Lighthouse (a large lighthouse that is lit by an Ampharos), S.S. Aqua (a ferry that travels to Vermillion City), and Olivine Café (a restaurant in which the player can obtain HM04, or the HM for Strength).
    • Cianwood City - Cianwood City is another coastal city, and the location of Chuck, the Fighting type Gym Leader. Many of the residents speak of Lugia and the legends relating to it in this city. There are many interesting sights in Cianwood, including the Photo Studio (where pictures of Pokémon can be taken, and then used with the Game Boy Printer), the City Pharmacy (Johto's only pharmacy), the Pokémon Seer (a woman who can distinguish where a Pokémon has been caught; she only appears in Pokémon Crystal), and in an area in the north of the city Suicune appears.
    • Mahogany Town - Mahogany Town is a small town that houses the Ice type Gym Leader, Pryce. To the north of the town is located the Lake of Rage (where the legendary Red Gyarados appears). In addition, Mahogany Town houses the base of operations of Team Rocket (a small shop that after the shutdown of Team Rocket is converted into a small shop that is run by an old woman).
    • Blackthorn City - Blackthorn City is the last city in the Johto region. It contains the last Gym Leader, Clair, who specializes in Dragon type Pokémon. In addition, Blackthorn City houses the Move Deleter (who can remove special moves such as HMs and TMs), the Dragon's Den (a shrine to Dragon type Pokémon), and Ice Path (a path that makes the town accessible from the north).
    • Mount Silver - Accessible only after obtaining all 16 badges, and is only accessible from Kanto. it is home to some of the strongest wild Pokemon in the game, and a battle with Red, the protagonist of the original games.

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