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Half Disappointing Sequel, Half Brainless Amusement Park

Back 4 Fun

First Left 4 Dead was actually a dream came true for me and everyone who really likes zombie-related movies, games and books. And when I saw improvements with this sequel, I loved them. But then I thought this is it? I mean, there's new weapons, more zombies, some interesting special infected designs and destructible bodies and all but something felt missing through the game.

Lack of Source

Game is not using what it is using: The Legendary Source Engine which we all know from Half Life 2 (and the sequels). I really do believe this engine's potential in physics area. But L4D 2 is not even tries to use this potential from what I see in the matters of interactive gameplay.

There should be more destructible elements, objects. Zombies, doors and windows are not enough, sadly. I mean with a little bit more detailed map designs, more destructible objects like bottles, crates, flours in bags (it's really fun to explode them as in Modern Warfare 2), chickens in cages (yeah MW2 again), garbage bags (which we see through the game constantly but unable to do anything to them) and other stuff... I hope they'll do this stuff in the sequel. I mean they should, right?

Among other things, map designs are creative enough as ideas floating in our brains but in reality, the maps are not detailed enough to play them more than two times. There's no interaction like I said, none almost. Which is really a bad move, considering even a game like Modern Warfare 2's old technology has it.

Great violence in game has supported with amazing sound work.

If killing zombies destroying them  is your thing these days and you don't mind any realistic environmental interaction, you can have a few weeks of fun with interesting enough play modes, both single and multiplay in this game.

Before finishing, I would like to say that there's a struggle of adding a story to the game. Of course, disappointing enough to yell at developers like: "Add a good, followable storyline, or do not add it all!"... Well needless to say, story is so simple that i wanted back the attitude of first L4D's "no-story-just-kill-zombies" routine.

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