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Legend of the Red Dragon was Created by Seth Robinson in 1989. It was originally made as a way to keep people coming back to Robinson's own BBS. After word of mouth spread, he began sell copies to others to host it as a door game on their bulletin board systems.

Character Classes

When first starting out you are given the choice of three starting classes: Death Knight, Mystic, and a Thief. Each class gains use points via events in the forest, at random times. You gain skill points, which add up to use points, with each successful event in the forest.

Death Knight

As the Death Knight, you gain skill points by being brought to a dungeon by other Death Knights. There you are judge and jury to a prisoner, and either release them if innocent or send them to their death if guilty. If you choose correctly you are you are awarded a skill point. 1 use point requires 4 skill points.


As the Mystic, you gain skill points by stumbling upon a house of an old mage. You will be given an opportunity to knock or bang on the old mage's door, and will randomly answer the door. If he answers the door, you are asked to guess a number between 1 and 100 within six guesses. Whereas the Death Knight and Thief classes require multiple skill points for a use point, the Mystic gains 1 use point for each skill point. The mystic

SpellUse Points RequiredDescription
Pinch1An offensive spell, that does little more than a basic attack
Disappear4Guranteed escape from battle
Heat Wave8An offensive spell, that does equal damage as a Death Knight/Thief skill
Light Shield12Reduces the damage you take by half
Shatter16The most powerful skill in the game. Equal to the damage as 2 Death Knight/Thief skills in one attack
Mind Heal20Completely heals you during battle


As the Thief, you gain skill points via being confronted by members of the Thieve's Guild. They will ask you for a gem in return for a lesson. You are rewarded gems by finding them in random events in the forest, or after battle sometimes. 1 use point requires 4 skill points. Since gaining skill points as a thief does not involve chance, it is the fastest class to gain use points.

Another perk to being a Thief is the chance to rob the bank in the main town. This requires a fairy, which can be caught via a random event in the forest. The amount of money you take from the bank depends the the level you are; the higher you level the more you will be able to get away with.

King Arthur's Weapons

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Weapon NamePriceStrength AddedStrength Required
Short Sword30002015
Long Sword10,0003022
Huge Axe30,0004032
Bone Cruncher100,0006044
Twin Swords150,0008064
Power Axe200,00012099
Able's Sword400,000180149
Wan's Weapon1,000,000250224
Spear of Gold4,000,000350334
Crystal Shard10,00,000500334
Nira's Teeth40,000,000800334
Blood Sword100,000,0001200334
Death Sword400,000,0001800334

Abdul's Armor

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ArmorPriceDefense AddedDefense Required
Heavy Coat100030
Leather Vest3000102
Bronze Armor10,000155
Iron Armor30,0002510
Graphite Armor100,0003520
Erdrick's Armor150,0005035
Armor of Death200,0007557
Able's Armor400,00010092
Full Body Armor1,000,000150152
Blood Armor4,000,000225232
Magic Protection10,000,000300232
Belar's Armor40,000,000400232
Golden Armor100,000,000600232
Armor of Love400,000,0001000232

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