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Lester the Unlikely is a side-scrolling platformer that uses a similar rotoscoping animation format seen in platformers such as Another World or Prince of Persia. Lester moves awkwardly and must carefully climb up high ledges and take small drops in order to avoid injury. He gradually becomes more confident in himself as the game progresses and becomes more effective at the platforming elements. He'll also stop being scared of creatures he encounters, walking past them or fighting them instead of screaming and running away.

Lester the Unlikely was released exclusively on the Super Nintendo in 1994.


The "kind of geeky" and "kind of sleepy" hero Lester recently acquired the latest issue of his favorite comic book "Super Duper Hero Squad". While reading his new comic and walking along the docks, Lester soon falls asleep next to a cargo crate next to a nearby cargo ship. While asleep, Lester is loaded onto the ship with the the cargo by a crane and the ship sets sail along with Lester aboard. While on the sea, the cargo ship is hijacked by pirates, and in the chaos, begins to sink. Luckily our hero discovers a life jacket and swims to shore on an adjacent island. Now lost and stranded on an unknown island, Lester must search for someone or something that can help him survive and find his way home.

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