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“Let’s CATCH” is the title exclusive for Wii Ware developed by Prope, lead by Yuji Naka.  Let's Catch will allow a user, using the Wii Remote, to throw and catch a ball using genuine motions mimicking the action of catching and throwing a ball.  When you catch the ball just right, the Wii Remote vibrates to simulate the sound and feeling of a ball landing in your
glove. First person view is also offered to "enhance" realism.

Game Modes

There are three different game modes that will be available from start.
  • Story Mode (Single Player)
  • Speed Catch (Single Player)
  • Nine Trial / Bomber Catch (Multiplayer)

Story Mode

In story mode, the player will be playing catch with NPCs.  The NPCs will increase in difficulty as you play and a conversation mechanic will also somehow be implemented into the gameplay.  Many different stories will be hidden in these conversations that will somehow lead to saving the earth through playing catch.

Speed Catch

This mode is basically the survival mode of the game.  As you catch the NPC's throws, the throw will become faster and faster.  Once the player has missed 3 catches, the game is over.  It has not been said whether these scores will be saved online, offline or at all.

Nine Trial / Bomber Catch

The multiplayer portion can be played with up to 4 players.  Nine Trial tasks the player with breaking 9 plates.  Whichever player breaks all 9 the fastest wins.  Bomber Catch is similiar to hot potato.  The players will toss the bomb around to different players.  The first person who misses a catch loses.

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