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Roast Kuppakalbi in Japan, Lex Loath loaned a million Zenny to Teisel Bonne, and then sent his henchman Glyde to retrieve it. When Teisel couldn't pay, he and his brother Bon were kidnapped, which forced Tron Bonne to rescue them.
He's a loan shark with a thieving streak, and he ultimately dreams to wake the sleeping Colossus, a giant Reaverbot.
Ultimately he uncovers and reactivates the colossus, but is put down by Tron before he can wreak too much havoc. He was then arrested by Denise.
There is a bust of him in Glyde's ship in Mega Man Legends 2, that appears to have a date on it similar to a gravestone, implying that he passed between games.
He is believed to be named after Lex Luthor.

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