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    Lisbeth is a playable character in the Sword Art Online video game.

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    Lisbeth (リズベット, Rizubetto) is a blacksmith in the series. She is originally created by Reiki Kawahara for light novel series of the same name that has been adapted into a few manga series and an anime series.

    In the video game, she is one of the potential love interests who can be paired by the main character, Kirito.

    Other Media

    Light Novel, Manga, and Anime Adaptations

    Lisbeth first encounters Kirito at her shop where Kirito breaks her swords to test out which one is stronger. She has Kirito accompany her to a frigid land to find some crystals to make the sword. When Kirito fights a dragon, Lisbeth is blown away by the dragon's wing beat. She falls into a deep chasm. Kirito chases her. The two make camp in the chasm, and Lisbeth asks Kirito to hold her hand while they sleep side by side. Next day, Kirito finds the crystals, and when the dragon arrives, he has Lisbeth ride the dragon out of the chasm. High in the sky, Lisbeth confesses to Kirito that she likes him, but Kirito cannot hear her. She asks Kirito to promise her that he will only go to her for black smith services. Back at the shop, Asuna arrives, and Lisbeth notices that Kirito and Asuna are close. Lisbeth leaves the room all saddened.


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