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Little Big Planet is a 5/5 advnture that you shouldnt miss if you own the playstation 3. This is  one of the best exclusives beside the halo 3 ive ever played. This game has alot of stuff to colect in the levels and if you have the playstation eye you can take a picture and add a comment to it. There ar alot of missions int the campaign about 5 or more per level and maby 3 or more side  missions per level. There are 8 or 9 levels but the missions are short so the game isnt long. The extras are worthplaying over aain and some sections are only able to acsess with a friend. The multiplayer is of course better  then single player but since its a platformer some sections are hard. The best part is the create a level which is the best part of the game you can make it easy and fun or hard and hating it or okay and rewarding one time a won a trophy in one level igot the million . The add on content from the playstation store for costumes and mini levels to get trophies. Trophies are great to get and sometime rewarding for being a challenge or a piece of cake.In ohter words if you have a ps3 you better buy this game or you are gonna miss out on alot. 

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