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Basic Gameplay



In Looney Tunes, you control one of seven Looney Tunes characters and traverse seven different levels, collecting gems and killing enemies. Each character has it's own specific level, along with it's own abilities and attacks. Players have three hearts for health, but these hearts can be healed by potions scattered throughout the levels. Somewhere along the level, players fight a mid-level boss, sometimes twice. At the end of each level, a boss fight occurs, and some sort of prize drops down from the air for you to collect and end the level. After the prize is collected, a bonus level pops up. You can collect gems in this level to get 1ups. This is very helpful, because the game has no save feature.


Looney Tunes uses a very familiar platformer control scheme. The A button is used to jump, the B button is used to attack, and the D-Pad is used to move your character. 

Level Rundown


Level 1: Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck's level starts out on land, where he can use his frisbee attack (I'm sorry, but since when did Daffy Duck have a frisbee?) to kill the various crows and lizards.  It then transitions to a water zone, where Daffy must swim through the level, killing fish and shelled creatures to finally reach the boss: A giant fish.
  • Character: Daffy Duck
  • Weapon/Attack: Frisbee
  • Enemies: Fish, Shelled creatures, lizards, chickens, crows
  • Midboss(es): Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian, Underwater Yosemite Sam
  • Boss: Giant Fish

Level 2: Tweety Bird

Tweety's level is a chase scene, where he is trying to fly away from Sylvester as fast as possible. Chester will jump and run after you, but he can also fall into sewer holes throughout the level, where he will disappear for a while. Tweety can be slowed down by flying plants, baseballs, baseball bats, and mirrors, though he can sometimes be actually sped up by these. 
  • Character: Tweety Bird
  • Weapon/Attack: None
  • Enemies: Flying pots, mirrors, baseball bats, plants and baseballs
  • Midboss(es): Sylvester's son
  • Boss: Sylvester the Cat

Level 3: Porky Pig

In this level, you control Porky Pig as he flies a plane through a sunset sky. You will use his ability to shoot stars out of his plane to defeat sattelites and UFOs. I suppose this level is a play on the tern "when pigs fly".
  • Character: Porky Pig
  • Weapon/Attack: Stars shot from plane
  • Enemies: UFOs, Satellites, bombs
  • Midboss(es): Witch
  • Boss: Psychic Spoon-bending Star

Level 4: Tazmanian Devil

Taz's level is completely different from the others. It is a time trial in which you have sixty seconds to collect all the meat power-ups from around the level. The environment is made up of moss-covered rocks, which Taz can spin into to destroy.
  • Character: Tazmanian Devil
  • Weapon/Attack: Spinning
  • Enemies: None
  • Midboss(es): None
  • Boss: None

Level 5: Speedy Gonzalez

In this level, you control Speedy Gonzalez as he jumps, runs and dances through an ancient temple to defeat his enemies. You will have to avoid spikes and make tricky jumps, as well as outrun the lava that appears about halfway through the level.  There is also a short puzzle sequence, in which you will have to move blocks in the right order to get through and avoid getting crushed.
  • Character: Speedy Gonzalez
  • Weapon/Attack: Dancing and causing damaging stars to appear around his body
  • Enemies: Bats, frogs, mummies, flying arrows.
  • Midboss(es): Master Frog, Singing Mummy
  • Boss: Vampire Bat Form

Level 6: Road Runner

Road Runner's level plays a bit like a side scrolling shooter. You do not control his movement as far as distance goes, but you do control his movement from right to left in wherever you are in the level. The level has two parts. In the first part, you must jump on top of rocks to avoid getting hit by them. Second, you fight Wile E. Coyote, who is skiing through the desert with a rocket on his back. You must jump on him while dodging his attacks.
  • Character: Road Runner
  • Weapon/Attack: Jumping
  • Enemies: Rocks
  • Midboss(es): None
  • Boss: Wile E. Coyote

Level 7: Bugs Bunny

Bugs' level takes place in pretty much the exact same place as Speedy's. In it, you fight some of the midbosses from previous levels all over again, and then end it by fighting Elmer Fudd.
  • Character: Bugs Bunny
  • Weapon/Attack: Frisbee
  • Enemies: Bats, frogs, mummies, skeletons
  • Midboss(es): Master Frog, Rock thrower
  • Boss: Elmer Fudd

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