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Lords of Shadow is a sub-franchise of Konami's Castlevania series. Independent of the continuity that had been established with the original Castlevania and shepherded for many years under Koji Igarashi, the Lords of Shadow series is developed by the Spanish developer Mercury Steam. Beginning with the 2010 title Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, the story of the Belmonts' struggle against Dracula is retold from the very start.

The character at the center of the storyline is Gabriel Belmont, who is both the first in the line of the Belmont clan of vampire hunters, as well as the figure that would eventually become Dracula. In addition to other original characters, Lords of Shadow also features appearances from new incarnations of characters that existed in the original Castlevania continuity whose roles have been recast, sometimes dramatically. For example, the character Trevor Belmont is now Gabriel's son, and he eventually becomes the vampire Alucard; in the original timeline, Trevor and Alucard are separate characters.

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