Lost: Via Domus

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Feb 26, 2008

    Based on the hit TV series Lost, Via Domus puts you in the shoes of an amnesiac survivor of Flight 815, who is struggling to remember his past while exploring the mysterious island he is on.

    burtless's Lost: Via Domus (PlayStation 3) review

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    Lost Via Domus - Bizzle Bros

    Sometimes you think games are going to just own the world and be sweet. This is clearly not the case with Lost – Via Domus. It is extremely boring and most of the time you’re just walking through the jungle and caves. If you talk the main characters on the beach, they will tell you to buy as many bullets as you can…ok…I literally fired 5 shots throughout the entire game (which was extremely short). This is not one of UBIsofts greatest triumphs.

    This is the first game (and hopefully the last) of the lost series. The game is pretty boring all around except for one scene were you run from the black smoke. You play as Elliot Maslow, except you don’t know that right away. You suffer from amnesia when you go crash and the other survivors don’t trust you because you can’t tell them if your name was on the manifest. So you spend a good half of the game looking for the cockpit of the plane where you find your laptop. When Sayid looks at your computer he finds information about illegal weapons. After this you are basically an outcast until Juliet helps you escape. Ben actually gives you a boat and Locke tells you to go home because it is your “destiny”. You sail away………
    The gameplay sucked. You are just walking around through the jungle and trying to “discover your past”. To remember things you have to go into a flashback and take a photo to remember something, which annoying because you don’t know what to take a picture of. The only exciting parts is when you have to run from the black smoke and jump over stuff like logs. And when you are walking through the jungle you constantly have to hide in trees to avoid the black smoke. And you actually end up in the hatch entering the numbers so the world doesn’t end. Another sucky part about this game is the fuse boxes.

    You basically have to get the right fuses in and in the right places to open a door…boring…sucky.

    Feel’s like the actual show

    • No Action
    • Hard Puzzles to Solve
    • Very Short
    • It Sucked

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      Lost: Via Domus is a very disappointing game. I'm a very big fan of the Lost TV Show. I've watched every episode more than once. I've bought books about the show. I've checked out websites to get more details about the show. Even with the negative reviews of the game, I took a chance because I thought my love of the show would be enough to make it worth my time. Unfortunately the game is just too much of a mess.As mentioned in other reviews, the game feels empty. In the TV Show, almost all of t...

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