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Lost: Via Domus Review 0

 Lost: Via Domus is a third person action-adventure game from Ubisoft that takes place on the mysterious Island that Oceanic flight 815 crashes on. Lost introduces some new characters and tells a story of which has not been covered in the Lost TV series, features many important and memorable scenes from Lost and delivers a genuine Lost experience. The strongest aspect of Lost: Via Domus is the story. In Lost, you play as Elliot the photojournalist, a flight 815 survivor who is suffering from Am...

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LOST: Via Domus 0

I Love LOST. Unless you love LOST as well then pass on this game.Via Domus is a third person puzzle quest game that leaves you exactly where the show does. LOST, bewildered and plane wrecked on a Mysterious Island with no answers. You play as Elliot Maslow, a new character not from the show, who was on flight 815 when it crashed. The object of the game is to find your wits, find your belongings and find find your way home. Of course the Island has a different plan for you.Some of the characters ...

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Just like the TV show, but neither satisfying nor creative. 0

Lost is the first and only TV show that I currently faithfully follow. I love it. I read about it. I'm interested in anything to do with it. As such, I was skeptical about that game from the start, as any gamer would be of any kind of movie/TV show that is shoehorned into a videogame. I didn't buy it on release, but after reading up on some reviews, I decided to rent it. This was a very good move, and if you are considering playing this game, before you read any further please note that I stron...

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Disappointing, even for fans of the show 0

Lost: Via Domus is a very disappointing game. I'm a very big fan of the Lost TV Show. I've watched every episode more than once. I've bought books about the show. I've checked out websites to get more details about the show. Even with the negative reviews of the game, I took a chance because I thought my love of the show would be enough to make it worth my time. Unfortunately the game is just too much of a mess.As mentioned in other reviews, the game feels empty. In the TV Show, almost all of t...

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Lost Via Domus - Bizzle Bros 1

Sometimes you think games are going to just own the world and be sweet. This is clearly not the case with Lost – Via Domus. It is extremely boring and most of the time you’re just walking through the jungle and caves. If you talk the main characters on the beach, they will tell you to buy as many bullets as you can…ok…I literally fired 5 shots throughout the entire game (which was extremely short). This is not one of UBIsofts greatest triumphs.This is the first game (and hopefully the last) of t...

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Linear, short, no replay value and particularly boring. 0

I assume the viewers of Lost, at least the gamers as well, were looking forward to this game. I hear all about Lost and it's numerous plot mysteries and the show being great just in general. It led me to believe this game might be decent, but it truly fails on that front. I mean take any game, add average graphics (which is above-average than most developers), uninspired puzzles, take away any form of action, and add a terrible spin off script to the show. The story follows some guy named Ellio...

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Lost: Via Walking 0

I’m a huge Lost fan. It’s my favorite show of all time. I really do have most of it memorized as far as plot lines, locales, and characters. I never have and probably never will follow anything as close on TV again. So I was pretty excited for a game that had infinite locales, ideas, and storylines to pull from. Lost is a game that was looking pretty good at one point, as I remember. But it seems like adapting any show into a game would be difficult. I’m still waiting for a good Battlestar Galac...

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Only for LOST fans 2

If you are not a LOST fan then please stay away from this game. And even for the people who are true LOST fans, i don't recommend you waste $60 on this game. Also, if you are buying this game to get some answers from the show, well you ain't getting them here. In the game you play as a new character not in the show. You are a photojournalist who loses his memory after crashing into the island. Not knowing who you are your main objectives are to find out who you are and find a way out of the isl...

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LOST: Via Domus...a review...meh... 0

As a gamer with a love of the English language and incredibly strong opinions I have a great white whale of a dream, to professionally write for a game review site or magazine. But unfortunately I have not acquired a high enough education (still in college) or the proper geographical location (California) to do this...yet. Anyway I often find in my time working at GameStop that people just love to buy really horrible video games. I, of course, guide them away from these puss ridden boils like a ...

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Not Lost on Me. 0

I'm going to just come out and say it, I enjoyed this game. There were certainly some gameplay instances that I found annoying, but overall it was a nice addition to the lore of Lost. Let me give some background on the game. Lost: Via Domus takes place just after the crash of Oceanic flight 815. You play Elliot, a character once unrelated to the Lost lore and you make you way through the first couple of seasons coming across and interacting with main characters and set's from the show.Ubisoft di...

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Don't bother 1

I hated this game.  The controlled were wierd, it's impossibly to run in a straight line, and really hard to work out where you are supposed to go next. Way too many cut scenes (yes I know that the tv show was like that too), but was tedious even then.I also disliked the trading aspect of the game.  Time consuming and pointless....

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Lost is not good, but not horrible 0


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This game is a little lost.... 0

So Lost: Via Domus is the game version of the popular TV series, Lost. I doubt that I am the first to say that... well it's a TV series so I didn't have high hopes even though I loved the show but nonetheless I bought it, still own it and still play it. So lets get down to the review.Lost: Via Domus takes place during the first two seasons of the show which seems to be a nice idea because it came out around the time of the 3rd season. You'd think that it would be awesome to play as Jack, Kate, S...

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The Score Whore Ultimate Review: Lost: Via Domus 0

What makes a great game review?  Is it thoughtful analysis of the themes and meaning behind the game?  Is it a detailed list of flaws and successes in mechanics and presentation? Of course not!  It's the freaking SCORE! So here it is, The Score Whore Ultimate Review of Lost: Via Domus for PS3. Graphics: 4/11 Sound: 5/11 Gameplay: 3/11 Fun: 2/11 Overall: 2/11For Lost Fans: 5/11 * Scoring is on a scale of 0 to 11, because some games are Eternity's Child and some games are Super Mario World....

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A Lost Opportunity 0

 Since 2004, Lost has been a favorite TV show of mine. A deep, mysterious ensemble piece with top notch acting, interesting storylines, often times frustrating twists and slow, dramatic dialogue always created one of the best shows on TV. It has finally crossed over into the world of popular culture, with ARG’s, action figures, music and, of course, a video game appropriately titled “Lost: Via Domus.” Like most games based on movies and TV shows, “Via Domus” is the type of game that you w...

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Could certainly have been worse 0

Have you ever been watching Lost, enjoying one of the best shows on television today, and wondered what it would be like to be a survivor of Oceanic flight 815? Then Lost: Via Domus is the game for you! Or at least… it wants to be. The game centers around a survivor from the crash that you will never see on the show itself. The action picks up immediately after the mysterious crash, and your character is quick to realize that he lost his memory. You know nothing about the man or his past, save ...

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Don't mistake Via Domus for a good game 0

Give me back my time! Ok, it wasn't even much time I have "lost", but after that ending I'm just furious with rage. Oh, the pointlessness. And don't get me started on the money I've spent. I will try to give it back tomorrow and say that my PC couldn't run it... Lost is without a doubt one of the best written and most intriguing series out there and season four contained some of the best moments I've ever had watching TV. But this has nothing to do with Lost: Via Dum**ss. When I read the first r...

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