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Lumines: Puzzle & Music is a game published by mobcast inc. in collaboration with Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of the original game, uses swiping and tapping to control the pieces. Lumines: Puzzle & Music is the first game in the series to not be presented in a widescreen format. The game was released on iOS and Android for $2.99.

According to the press release, Lumines: Puzzle & Magic is a recreation of the original PSP game. The game will have old favorites and newly produced tracks for this version of the game. Here is what Mizuguchi had to say about this new version of Lumines and the legacy of the franchise:

“It’s unbelievable to think that Lumines launched more than 10 years ago, yet still remains in the hearts and minds of gamers as one of the greatest action puzzle games of all time,” states Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Lumines. “I’m humbled by the ongoing fanbase and the overwhelmingly positive response we receive to this news, and we’re dedicated to bringing Lumines to life on mobile devices with the utmost respect to the original that everyone loved.”

mobcast inc. bought the intellectual property rights to Lumines and Meteos, another Mizuguchi rhythm game property, in January 2015 from Q Entertainment, as well as Resonair, a development studio founded by Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Resonair was not involved in the development of this game, only Mizuguchi collaborated on the project.

Song List

Lumines Classic Vol. 1

  1. Shinin’ / Mondo Grosso
  2. ABACK / Takayuki Nakamura
  3. TALK 2 YOU / Takayuki Nakamura
  4. HOLIDAY IN SUMMER / Takayuki Nakamura
  5. MEGURO / Takayuki Nakamura
  6. SPIRITS / Takayuki Nakamura

Lumines: Puzzle & Music Vol. 1

  1. Earthrise - Beams Parade / Takako Ishida
  2. Paradise - Blurred Light Island / Takako Ishida
  3. Creativity - Creep Sequence / Yuki Ichiki
  4. Maharaja - Shippu / Yuki Ichiki
  5. Zipangu - East Star Nation / Takako Ishida
  6. Temptation - Overnight Sensation / masaki kawasaki
  7. Maximum - Secret / Yuki Ichiki
  8. Universe - Around the Universe / metalmouse, Kat Mcdowell

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