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    Macross M3

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 22, 2001

    A Macross universe 3D shooter action game for the Dreamcast

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    Macross M3 is a 3D shooter action game for the Dreamcast video console. In the game you play as one of two Mech pilots (three by the end of the game).
    The game takes place in the future, (as of the writing if these words) in 2014 to be exact. You get a choice to play as one of three pilots: Maximillian Jenius, Milia Jenius and Moaramoia Jifon their adopted child.


    After a brief story sequence, your mission is assigned to you in the briefing room. You then select which character you want to play as and which mech suit you want to pilot. As the story progress and missions passed, you can chose from several other mechs which are more powerful than the default one. 
    While fighting you can choose between the mech's three forms:
    Fighter - Jet plane
    Battloid - Robot with a huge cannon
    Gerwalk - Half battloid half plane.

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