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Easily the worst baseball game I've ever played. 1

I rented this game with low expectations and--even at that--I was disappointed.It's entirely possible that I was playing the game incorrectly and/or that you have to tweak the sliders to have the game make sense, but this was my experience (on normal difficulty):There is absolutely no rhythm to the pitching motion controls and unless there's something I'm not understanding about the game of baseball itself, the pitcher fatigue is completely absurd.  Your pitcher ends up at like 50% stamina after...

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has sooooooooo many problems..but at times its fun 0

i havnt played a MLB 2K game since MLB 2K6. I went and played MLB: The Show for the '07 and '08 gameing seasons. This game is no where near where MLB 2K6 was, i really enjoyed that game. It went "deep" into francise mode, and the francise mode in MLB 2K9 is really nothing. In 2K6 you were the manager, and the GM and owner told you what they wanted you to do, like sign a certain player, release a certain player, make a certain amount of money etc. There is none of that in this game, which i miss,...

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