Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jul 26, 2005

    A demon overlord who's soul is bound to a book tries to restore his lost powers in this comedy JRPG.

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    makai king:Chronicles of the secred tome

    The story
     the story is about lord Zetta king of the netherworld, his world is about to be destroyed so to save himself he sealed his soul inside the sacred tome.  zetta and his friends, ((which include a dead samurai, a effeminate giant monster,a fortune teller and the cowardly lion))  try to get his body back through the course of the game.
    the dialoge is funny and well writtten, the voice acting is top knoch also.

    To most people the graphics of this game will look bad, but I actually like them because its more of an art style than just bad graphics.

    Makai Kingdom is a great strategy RPG. SInce zetta is a book he can't move or do anything on his own, you have to create characters to do the fighting for you.  Anyone who has played a nippon eichi RPG will be right at home.  The game expects you to have a good sense of strategy as it pits you against difficult foes on random terrain in the most insidious of situations.

    Replay Value
    Makai kingdom has many many ending

    All in all, Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome is a very worthwhile addition to anyone's game library. It combines humorous dialogue with rock solid gameplay and insane challenges to form a clear-cut strategy experience that will not leave you feeling sorry. Word of warning though -- don't make any plans for the next two months because it  will suck you in

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