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Marine Philt is Japanese adventure game by FairyTale that was released for the PC-98 and FM Towns computers in 1993. The game is the third and final entry in FairyTale's Nightmare Collection of horror themed adventure games.

Marine Philt features scenes of horror and gore, as well as a minor amount of nudity.


Your Gang.
Your Gang.

The year is 2040. The satellite Marine Philt malfunctions and re-enters the atmosphere over Japan, crashing in an area on the outskirts of Tokyo. The resulting poisonous fallout leaves parts of the city uninhabitable, while the remaining areas are divided up into safe zones, linked by an underground transport system. Neo-Tokyo, 2050. After breaking into a warehouse, a group of teenagers find themselves the target of a nightmarish creature that may be linked to the Marine Philt incident. Will they survive?


  • Original Japanese name translates as "Marinfiruto."
  • The credits give special thanks to artist H.R. Giger. This is the first of FairyTale's games to credit the influence of Giger, the second being Necronomicon.

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