Disappointed with the new "New Game +" option in ME2? read this

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If you own a PC copy and not a console version then you are in luck, for those annoying hours of rescanning planets are gone forever. It really takes some basic coalesced.ini editing to make your gameplays hours more enjoyable by not doint the same s**t again.

You will need 2 programs for this to work: Notepad++ and ME2IniFixer. (Google for them)

Lets begin with the most hated feature many gamers dislike about the game, the resource grinding and the lost of your weapons upgrades.

Open coalesced.ini (found inside Install dir\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked) with Notepad++ and Crtl+F to find this line: "[SFXGameContent.SFXSeqAct_NewGameBonuses]"

Make a BACKUP first in case you messed up something

change the lines to give you whatever amount of resources you want for:



If you are tired of building your paragon/renegade score every playthrough then this can be a solution:

Crtl+F to find this line:


and add this line: Bindings=( Name="F1", Command="setparagon 1500| setrenegade 1500" )

now everytime you press F1 your paragon/renegade bar will be full and you will be able to open any dialog option.

After you are happy with the edits save and run ME2IniFixer to recompile the file (this is needed or else you will crash at startup).

Well thats all folks, there is a ton of changes u can do by messing with the coalesced.ini, but most of them just remove the balance (like changing weapon dmg, ammo size, infinite ammo or accuracy) and the whole difficulty from the game. I listed those edits cause I dont feel like wasting my time scanning the damn planets again!

Personally the only needed things for this game to be perfect for me would be a way to remove the annoying head bob thing when you storm (WTF I feel like I drunk a bottle of vodka) and the slowmo sound effect when storming with the soldier, yes you read RIGHT not only have this while AR is active instead they added to the storming too (OMG Bioware, whoever come with that idea must be shot), now every squad member sounds like a batarian!. Other sounds effects like the weapon's gunshots are way too loud ( i.e. The Mattock), I tweaked the sound effects for the guns in Mass Effect 1 but in this game they removed any sort of customization of volume for the soundgroups T-T.

As a minor way to reduce the head bob I also edited two important variables for weapon without affecting heavily the gameplay experience:

To almost reduce headbob while firing guns :



Other minor tweaks can be done to reduce the loading times by replacing the load*.bik from the movies folders with blank.biks, personally I had a 3 secs bik movie which works wonders in cutting the time to load the data.

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sometimes I wish I was a PC gamer.

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@N7Joker said:

sometimes I wish I was a PC gamer.

Cousin!! Do you want to go see some American titties!?
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People overblow just how tedious the scanning is.

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@DrDarkStryfe said:

People overblow just how tedious the scanning is.

I agree with this. It sucks but it wasn't game breaking.

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