Do you believe the indoctrination theory to the ending?

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Hey duders.

As you might know if you have followed Mass Effect 3, and played to the ending, you will know there is a theory floating around that suggests Shepard was indoctrinated by the Reapers.

This is the deal:

Remember the kid that dies in Vancouver in the beginning of the game? That Shepard always dreams about? No one interacts with him, in the beginning of the game, not one single person is lending him a hand to get in a shuttle to get out. Another reason why this theory believes Harbinger used the kid to indoctrinate Shepard. And when he meets the kid in that shaft in the beginning, Anderson calls for him. Shepard turns around and then back, and the child is gone. The theory says Shepard has been: ''snapped out of it''. Basically, Harbinger has the ability to corrupt organic minds, making them ally with the Reapers, if they are a certain distance from him. In ME3, he was only mentioned when Anderson said that Harbinger was almost here before The Illusive Man shows up. Many believe that the child is a tool to indoctrinate Shepard, because the child is the only thing on Shepard's mind. In the end, the kid is basically trying to trick you, depending your EMS. With high enough EMS, you can choose to control the Reapers, which TIM wanted to do. TIM was indoctrinated, so the child is trying to convince Shepard the blue choice (paragon) is the right choice when in fact, the Destroy ending is the Paragon choice and Control is the Renegade choice. The theory also inflicts that the kid remains if you pick the blue Control ending, while he disappears when Destroying the Reapers, he even mentions before the ending pick he controls the Reapers, and that he is infact the Catalyst. It is supposed to be, that if you pick any other choice than Destroy, he is supposed to believe he sacrificed himself, indoctrinating him. And if you have 4000+ EMS Shepard will wake up, therefore waking up from indoctrination.

Just following the theory here. This is probably the ending explaination that makes most sense. I'm slowly becoming indoctrinated by this. I don't know what to believe.

What about you duders, do you believe this stuff?

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Try any one of these threads instead:
All of them have already discussed the indoctrination theory to great lenghts some are even directly about the theory
As an aside try to read up some more on the theory, you are getting some stuff confused there.
Also try to think what it means if the indoctrination theory is true:
The epic conclusion to the ME trilogy has no end, there is no conclusion.

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Occam's Razor. Until proven otherwise.
We kind of beat this horse to death 2-3 weeks ago.

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And has has already pointed out, we have a boatload of these threads already. I'm shutting this one down now, sorry!

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