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    Mass Effect 3

    Game » consists of 19 releases. Released Mar 06, 2012

    When Earth begins to fall in an ancient cycle of destruction, Commander Shepard must unite the forces of the galaxy to stop the Reapers in the final chapter of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

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    The last piece to one of the greatest trilogies in gaming 0

    Mass Effect 3 continues the story arc from the first two games, you're all in to what could be the last war of your cycle. The game keeps improving on the gameplay feel from the previous games, while changing some aspects of customization to equipment and upgrades. The experience from player to player will vary depending on what happened on your playthrough of the second game. I saw alot of people complaining of the amount of "coincidence" meet ups that the game presents. But in my case, not tha...

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    War, Death, and Mass Effect: When Past Meets Present 5

    I would say I’ve been salivating over the arrival of this game since I finished Mass Effect 2, but that would be false. In truth I’ve been clamoring for the epic conclusion of Commander Shepard’s journey ever since I first took down Saren and Sovereign in the first Mass Effect back in 2007. To say that Mass Effect 3 has big shoes to fill would be an understatement seeing as the shoes have become as large as BioWare’s ambition was back when they first set-out to make an epic sci-fi stor...

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    The more you think about it, the more this game falls apart. 0

    Mass Effect, oh how I love thee. One of the best and most original sci-fi Ip's to come along in a very long time. It manages to do away with some old cliches and walked that fine line between plausible and completely fiction. The first installment was released in 2007 and mass Effect 2 in 2009. The trilogy has given us an unprecedented ability to carry over our previous saves from the past games to shape the new one. Every decision you make has an impact over the duration of the trilogy. Enter M...

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    The beginning of the end 2

    It's been 5 years coming, but the ending to the critically-acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy is finally here. From what began as a relatively hopeful foray into RPG-space with Mass Effect 1 has now come full circle as the fight returns home to good old planet Earth. Can BioWare deliver excellence three times in a row and tie up all the loose ends in time for dinner? Read on to find out.Dissecting the technical aspect of the game, it quickly becomes evident that an immense amount of resources have be...

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    Mixed Emotions 1

    As a fan of Bioware and, in this specific case, the Mass Effect series, this review is one of mixed emotions. There are parts about it that I absolutely love, the parts that kept me playing for well over thirty hours, but there were also things that I would say range from being mildly disappointing to cringe inducing.The one area of Mass Effect 3 that leaves me with the most emotional confusion is the story. But, truth be told, I think that is something that dates back from the second game in th...

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    Mass Effect 3 Review: Fight or Die 0

    Mass Effect 3 faces the impossible task of wrapping up a truly epic story arc, improving core gameplay mechanics and satisfying all the fan groups of the series, but it has a damn good go at doing just that. The game has a huge amount of considerations to make, and I do not envy Bioware having to develop this colossus, but the final product is one that has many nervous of the quality that the game can provide. Has Mass Effect fallen into a mainstream design that abandons its roots or has Bioware...

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    It's hard not to compare ME3 to it's almost perfect predecessor 0

    Oh wow over the past week, the internet really took a dump on ME3. Controversies about supposedly having "on-disc" DLC and even more arguments over the ending. But even though I can agree with many critiques against this game, it is still the best game I've played this year (so far).  Game playI was always a fan of ME2 over the first game because it felt so much smoother game play wise. And ME3 has improved at least the shooting and action quite a bit. Shooting feel better, there are now more gu...

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    One Epic, Yet Flawed Finale... 0

    Note - This review may contain spoilers, so you are warned if you haven't beaten the game yet.It has been a long five years for BioWare's Mass Effect franchise as it seemed like crazy talk back with the first game that this was going to be a trilogy and the fact your decisions you made will matter in the big finale. Here we are now with Mass Effect 3 as everything you did in the last two games, assuming you played them, has led up to this point where it is up to Commander Shepard to save the gal...

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    Mass Effect 3 Review 0

    Mass Effect 3 is the strongest entry in the Commander Shepard trilogy. It takes half-formed concepts from the previous games and turns them into trim, vital components. Bioware also narrows the focus of its narrative and unifies all gameplay under that narrative, a feature sorely lacking in Mass Effect 3's predecessors.In previous games, crew members were compartmentalized on the Normandy. Unless Shepard paired two characters together for an away mission, the games' primary casts rarely strayed ...

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    More Mass Effect 0

    Mass Effect 3 is the final entry in Bioware’s epic sci-fi trilogy. If you’ve played and enjoyed the series, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s a fitting end to the saga and a reunion of sorts of the characters you’ve come to know along the way. It’s a satisfying, albeit foreseeable ending. You’ll battle around in a bunch of different environments with Earth being the final stronghold. It’s up to Shepherd to round up the troops and lead the final assault against the Reapers.Mass Effect’s draw is its st...

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    Leviathan Review 0

    Mass Effect 2′s post-launch content was among the best examples of the practice this generation. Not only did each flesh out the Mass Effect universe, they allowed custom built levels and their own cohesive story that could accentuate Shepard’s story while still existing outside of its confines. Leviathan is the first such piece of content for Mass Effect 3 but that games controversial ending hangs heavily over this even before you embark on its mission.The story starts off intriguingly enough: ...

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    Awesome 0

    It's the best game I have ever played. The storyline is really awesome and I enjoy playing this game. I liked this game so much that I've played this game about 6-7 times. I wish Mass Effect 4 will be out soon. I recommend this game for all of the users. Play this game once and you will really like it....

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    Time to end it, Shepard... 0

    Well, it's finally finished. Mass Effect 3 is in the books (sort of but I'll get into that). With a full trilogy playthrough of 75 hours, plus additional unfinished playthroughs, this series of games will certainly stand out as some of the best the current gen had to offer. And while individually the games had their weakness as well as their strengths, the totality of it all was quite huge. Which makes giving a final verdict on this game tough because of the multi-colored elephant in the room an...

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    Mass Effect 3 Review 2

    I feel kind of bad for Bioware. Up until recently, people looked at the developer almost with a sense of reverence. But when Dragon Age II released to a lukewarm reception, Bioware ceased to be the masterful storyteller that could do no wrong. So when it became official that Bioware was working on Mass Effect 3, the game inherited an atmosphere of apprehensiveness so palpable you could choke. Every announcement, preview, and trailer has been met with glaring skepticism, which is a strange testam...

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    Almost Made It 0

    Like everyone else, I was extremely excited about Mass Effect 3 when it came out. What Mass Effect 3 is just so happens to be one of the most engaging stories I have ever witnessed in my entire career as a gamer. For long time fans of the franchise you really feel the stress and exhaustion on Shepard as he tries to rally forces to prepare a counterattack against the Reapers. As you interact with your squad you really can sense the desperation and deep emotional attachment. Then right at the end ...

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    A Grand and Stunning Conclusion to An Epic Trilogy. 0

    Mass Effect 3, like everyone else, is a game that all gamers have been anxiously awaiting ever since the final moments of Mass Effect 2. When Shepard and Company destroyed the collector's base, you knew that things were going to get heated up, especially in those final cutscenes. It didn't help my impatience by releasing some of the most epic trailers over the past year, and Mass Effect 3 almost turned into a case of "Skyrim" level of anticipation for me. Note the word: almost.While Mass Effect ...

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    Return of the Jedi (spoiler free) 0

    Does Mass Effect 3 deliver? The short answer is sort-of-yes. ME3 is not a rotten egg like its cousin Dragon Age 2. If you enjoy the series, you should buy ME3 because you will enjoy playing it. The long answer follows.Note on Spoilers: this review may have spoilers from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, but not from Mass Effect 3.Note on Review: for this review I started a "new" character without imports from previous titles and played as paragon.Being the final installment in a beloved trilogy, ME...

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    The Conclusion of the Mass Effect Trilogy 0

    Mass Effect 3 is the final game in a critically acclaimed sci-fi series, which means that it has impossibly high expectations to live up to. Bioware had the deck stacked against them from the beginning, but they still managed to produce a mostly great product. It’s a little rough in spots, but the issues can’t stop Mass Effect 3 from being a truly memorable game.The reapers have finally begun their assault on the galaxy and Earth is their central target. It just so happens that Commander Shepard...

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    'Omega' Review 0

    Post-launch dlc has to be handled very carefully to succeed. Not only does every piece need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its core game, but needs to be created in relation to the pieces that have already been released. In the two story additions to Mass Effect 3, we were given missions that were designed for very specific purposes- they expanded the universe fiction. Problem is, even though they do so in different ways, they’re both filling in gaps to a story that is already close...

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    In Earth's final days, Shepard has his final journey 0

    Mass Effect 3 is an incredible game.  In fact, if you even "liked" Mass Effect 2, stop reading and go grab a copy of Mass Effect 3 right now and finish reading this later. For those of you who are still here, I will explain why this is one of the best story driven RPG's on the market. Everything rests on Shepards shoulders in Mass Effect 3         First off, I have no doubt that you NEED to play through Mass Effect 2 at least once before playing Mass Effect 3. Part of the appeal of these games i...

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    A Well-Crafted End For This Fantastic Trilogy 1

    Over the past few years the Mass Effect franchise is one that has captivated audiences with its rich and detailed world, characters, and stories, and rightfully earned itself a vast and dedicated fanbase. For Mass Effect 3 the bar was set ridiculously high and in closing out the trilogy the game may fall slightly short of hitting it, but still manages to deliver a fantastic experience and do things with its story on a level that no other game out there is managing to do. The game begins on Earth...

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    A Cool character, but poor value proposition. 0

    The Mass Effect franchise has always had a spotty relationship with DLC purchases. On the one hand, pieces such as the Overlord or Shadow Broker packs from Mass Effect 2 were great value: pieces that expertly combined combat and storytelling; advancing the franchise in new, revelatory ways. On the other hand, there were pieces like Pinnacle Station and Arrival; short, uninteresting chunks of gameplay that focus on the worst parts of Mass Effect and barely advance the plot.In a way, From Ashes fi...

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    Mass Effect 3 Review 0

    Mass Effect 3 is the kind of game that comes around once in a generation, maybe once in a lifetime. Mass Effect is a franchise entirely encapsulated within a single hardware cycle that captured the hearts and imaginations of gamers worldwide. The franchise made huge promises in regards to size, scope and the revolutionary impact of an individual’s decisions. It’s been five years – five long, yearning years, but finally the trilogy is at its close. Mass Effect 3 is arguably the most anticipated g...

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    With Mass Effect 3, the epic, spanning narrative finally comes to an end. But is this a good thing? 0

    The Mass Effect games were almost immediately elevated to the halls of RPG perfection with the release of the first game, which not only incorporated great gameplay and action, but an interactive story with real, measurable consequences based on your decisions throughout the game. Mass Effect 2 built upon this formula, streamlining the gameplay and offering up a great continuation to the story established in the first game. Now, with Mass Effect 3, the player reaches a metaphorical "precipice,"...

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    Mass Effect 3 is a game for the ages. (Video review included) 0

     Video Review Just how exactly do you conclude one of the most beloved video game series of this generation? After the mammoth success of Bioware's sci-fi role-playing games, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, fans have been anxious to find out if the conclusion to this much beloved franchise lives up to all of the hype it's been garnering over the months, and the answer to that is a resounding yes. Mass Effect 3 is an enthralling, emotional, action-packed a...

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    The End is Here 0

    One of the biggest complaints about this game was the ending. Now, I understand that a brief cgi sequence after the final credits roll is enough reason for complaint, one thing I think that should be understood is the entire 20 something hour experience that is Mass Effect 3 is the ending. Without spoiling or ruining any facets of the entire ME trilogy, I would say that when you make the last choice in the game, I personally felt satisfied with what happened, how it happened, and how my Shepard ...

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    Mass Reflect. 0

    Some can say the ending of the Mass Effect series was met with some anger. While I personally respected how Bioware chose to end the game, I actually had a fairly stern stance on how I was going to approach the DLC - I wasn't. I had no intention of playing the Shepard storyline again, I was respectfully done with it. But then I remembered how much I loved the universe. There are no other games in this generation, or in recent memory, that have entranced me as much as this place. This DLC was the...

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    Mass Respect. 0

    Oh, Mass Effect, I just want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the ridicule and adjustment you've had to go through over the last year. I wish it weren't the case. Maybe I was given ample time to prepare myself for an underwhelming ending, or maybe it just wasn't that bad. I DON'T KNOW. What I can say is that I truly took no issue in it. Would I have wanted the game to end with a bit more clarity? Maybe. But this doesn't detract from the wonderful time we spent together. I think a lot of the j...

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    Best ME3 DLC! 0

    The Citadel DLC is perfect. It was not a waste of my $15. Every Mass Effect fan will buy this dlc. It is like a group goodbye hug. This dlc gave me the laughs. My favorite squadmate is Javik. Wrex, one of the best guys is seen (if the genophage is cured and if he lives). The dlc consists of two parts: the first part involves id theft by an unknown person. The second part can let people party with favorite characters and play arcade games. One of my favorite scenes was Blasto! "This one wishes he...

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    A cynical end to one of gaming's great events 0

    Mass Effect 3 is a special case, because games are a special case.You could start at the final book of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, but I would recommend against it; As it is, that book, taken out of the context of the epic story it concludes, is practically pointless literature, particularly as knowing the conclusion to that particular tale will vividly color your experience throughout the preceding books. But it is okay, and accepted, to release a book pointless when excluded from its...

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    Is this Effect Massive? 0

    Mass Effect 3 reviewed by Doc D StrangeLet me first bring up that I asked a buddy on Giant Bomb if he was gonna post a review for Mass Effect 3 and he told me, Honestly, follow my footsteps and don't review it. You cannot please Bioware fans no matter what you do. I mean that in the sense that you will enrage them no matter how you write or how you phrase it. I completely agree but fuck it I love writing user reviews and I will continue to do it cause DAMMIT it makes me happy!Story/GameplayNot g...

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    Truth about Mass Effect 3 0

    WARNING! REVIEW MIGHT HAVE SOME SPOILERS!Shepard ask Liara: "Are you following me?!"The game has been out for weeks now. As a fan of the series, I've played the previous two Mass Effects, and created my own personal Shepards. Now Mass Effect 3 is here to conclude the story people have been following for years. Does the game wrap up the trilogy in satisfying form? The simple answer is no... it doesn't...The story begins when the Reapers arrive and start attacking the galaxy. Shepard, whose warnin...

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    Dude where is my ... Something. 0

    After completing the the game, I felt that as a whole, this game is just about as good as ME2 (except for the miserable ending). That being said, the bulk of this review is spent highlighting a number of negative points. I did not include most of the good stuff because most of the other reviews have already done that very effectively. Even though ME3 is really good game experience, that you can't find elsewhere, I am critical of ME2 and ME3 because these games set a new bar in the quality of sto...

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    Javik, The New Zaheed 1

    The From Ashes DLC for Mass Effect 3 is the day one DLC, and truth be told it might leave you wondering: Why did I buy this? From Ashes takes you back to Eden Prime where Cerberus is attempting to recover a Prothean Artifact. The artifact turns out to be a stasis capsule that contains a Prothean named Javik. The only real benefit of the From Ashes DLC is the addition of one Squad mate and a few lines of Dialogue. Though having Javik around can make for some rather humorous moments it is not esse...

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    Good but not Great 1

    Some of you might have played the Mass Effect games in the past and were eagerly awaiting the release of the final installment to this exciting trilogy. The wait is over and millions of fans were able to enjoy the stunning conclusion to Commander Shepards grand plan to stop the Reapers once and for all. If you don’t know what Reapers are, or who Commander Shepard is, then you might really enjoy what this latest title from Bioware has to offer. For everyone else it’s a slippery slope of lowered e...

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    Mass Effect 3: Jumping the Thresher Maw 0

    No other game series this generation has had the same kind of following and impact as the Mass Effect series, with three games, spanning five years, which have captured the hearts and minds of many an individual with its gripping narrative, excellent characters, resonating choices and its fresh, Sci-Fi epic feel.As we entered into the swansong of the series, we were met with all sorts of controversial news, from DLC to Co-Op Multiplayer, sceptics were viewing this as a title to avoid, while othe...

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    Mass Effect 3: The Deathly Hallows 4

    The Mass Effect story is a three part arc, and even though there are many planet sized fire fights the main show is running into old and very old friends to say your goodbyes. And as my title suggests you can't usher in galactic salvation without cracking a few eggs.As the final act of Shepard's story Bioware keeps new faces to a minimum. New characters like Vega aren't necessarily bad so much as they're the new kids with nothing to say. And honestly, it's hard to compete with veteran characters...

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    Profound Sadness 0

    Where to start? Well, I started my adventure by importing my ME2 FemShep and that worked without any hiccups (though her hair is a bit lighter). Now this was my femshep that was imported from ME2, which at the start gave me 57 level up points (she was lvl 29 in ME2) and that let me go immediately crazy with power selection (you could practically upgrade every skill in your tree up to lvl 3 and still have points left over). From there, reaper shit hit the fan and it was time to kick some ass. The...

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    Mystery of the Reapers intrigues but falls short 0

    Leviathan was a bit of an odd bird. The first Mass Effect 3 DLC is intriguing but ultimately fell a bit short. The first two acts of the DLC felt like a murder mystery a la L.A. Noir. It’s Shepard and Edi on the case! There’s clue searching, tight facial shots, and interrogation. It sucks you in: what is Leviathan? why are the Reapers afraid of it? You also get some juicy little bits about some of the races in the universe less on the forefront, like the Rachni and Thorian.The mystery, informati...

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    A discussion of ME3's weaknesses 0

    So much has been discussed and written about Mass Effect 3, I don't really feel the need to go into all the details. However I did want to go over things that I was worried would detract from my enjoyment of the game, and ultimately didn't.Both Jeff's review and the tone of discussion on the podcast really got me worried. Here are some of the points made here and elsewhere and how I feel about them.The game is short: I finished around 32 hours and I didn't feel the game was short at all. In fact...

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    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Alien Apocalypse 1

    The Mass Effect series is, so far, the only body of video game fiction worthy to join the heavies in film, television and literature like Star Wars, Lost and Harry Potter. The rich universe of characters, locations, conflicts, phenomena and funny names created by Canadian developer BioWare not only stirs a rabid fanbase but also mines a vein of franchise dollars on a scale unseen before in role-playing games. All tales must end, and Mass Effect 3 concludes the trilogy just like those aforementio...

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    Can't skip it if u're a fan, though you'll hate it 0

    I played Mass Effect 3 with previous saves from 1 and 2. I am "normal" Mass Effect fan and I was born to be Shepard. So, I had to play 3. I red bad reviews and I tried to postpone it as long as possible. I liked it only because it was build on its ancestors. Kaidan is lobotomized, unnecessary drama with Krios, moronic Mordin death, buggy cover places and laggy controls...a looong, long list. The Rachni Queen and Jack are ok, Jack was nicely transformed. Still it's Mass Effect.Not sure about the ...

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    Can't skip it if u're a fan, though you'll hate it 0

    I played Mass Effect 3 with previous saves from 1 and 2. I am "normal" Mass Effect fan and I was born to be Shepard. So, I had to play 3. I red bad reviews and I tried to postpone it as long as possible. I liked it only because it was build on its ancestors. Kaidan is lobotomized, unnecessary drama with Krios, moronic Mordin death, buggy cover places and laggy controls...a looong, long list. The Rachni Queen and Jack are ok, Jack was nicely transformed. Still it's Mass Effect.Not sure about the ...

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    My Mass Effect 3 Review 0

    A good number of games this generation have had the problem of going flat by the third installment, Mass Effect 3 for the most part has fallen into that trap as well. It could be argued that this happens with games these days, because console cycles didn’t really ever last this long and by the time there was a third game, usually it was on a whole new system. Mass Effect 3 had a few exceptions that made it more important for BioWare to hit a homerun with this installment. The save system, which ...

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