Mass Effect 3: Reckoning MP details leaked

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Presumably one of the new Krogan kits?
Presumably one of the new Krogan kits?


Kingdoms of Amalur: Mass Effect 3: Reckoning! DLC details have been found in the latest patch for ME3, including:

  • 4 New Maps
  • Hazard versions of the maps from the Earth DLC
  • New kits for Humans, Salarians, Krogans and Volus
  • 3 New weapons - Chakram Launcher, Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle, and the Blood Pack Punisher
  • 6 New 'Story Co-Op' Missions
  • A new Multiplayer mode that brings in choices, morality, reputation and progress from the single player campaign (I suppose this is to go with those six missions)

... Not gonna lie, this sounds like it could be really awesome. I love ME3's multiplayer, so I'm really glad we're getting more of it. With the amount of stuff in this one, I wonder if it will be paid DLC, or if it's going to be Free like the others?

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Oh man those last 2 sound reeeally interesting... this doesn't have anything to do with the last big DLC they were talking about right? or this is it?

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This has to be paid DLC I guess
Sounds great though, would get me back to Mass Effect 3, I'd really wanna go back
Though I was hoping all this chatter about DLC would be singleplayer related

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Not for me, but I can see how a lot of people would be stoked for co-op missions.

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I love it too, the multiplayer is a fantastic experience but i dont fancy paying for multiplayer content since its already micro transactioned to death.

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That sounds pretty cool. I recently bought the game and have been playing a shit ton of multiplayer and finally started playing the sp. The mp is really fun but this sounds like pd dlc instead of the free ones we've been getting so i probably won't get unless it goes on sale or something.

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I played this MP way to much

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i enjoyed the time i had with the multiplayer but horde mode can only interest me for so long.

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