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The disappointment of the generation? 0

Mass Effect Andromeda was full of bugs when it came out, with some horrible face expressions and lighting display. But then they patched it alot, how it's now? Well, it's still bad. At least compared to the rest of the series and some other triple A games from the same year.The game has a really weird start that didn't grabbed me one bit. It keeps making you guess for whats going on, with a few moments that felt rushed, but at the same time it takes a really long time to pick up, on the gameplay...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda 3

Mass Effect is my Star Wars. The way people describe the way they love the Star Wars universe, the way they can remember the mundane details or technical specs of the Death Star, I can do with the Normandy (SR1 or 2,) or the way they quote the characters and show their love of them, I can do that with Garrus. Especially Garrus. All of that had me excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda the moment it was announced. I even did the thing people dread and pre-ordered it, followed every bit of pre-releas...

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Thumbs up for ME:A 0

I liked it a lot. Combat was fun, looks like they fixed some of the weirder facial animations, and I liked the story. I didn't play it pre-patch, and the few times I tried to play the multiplayer I was matched with people a dozen or so levels higher than me and died instantly, but overall I think it was my second favorite after ME2.ProsIt was long.Lots of very different planets.Driving the Nomad was awesome.Combat (biotic, tech, weapons, and especially all three together) was fun.I liked the cre...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda 0

It's like Halo 4 all over again.The Andromeda Initiative is the columniation of a vast array of species sent together to explore and populate the universe outside of the Milky Way galaxy. With no Mass Effect relays to take them there, these explorers have built massive arks to carry them across the galaxy while they are in cryo pods waiting to be awakened in their new home. Even with the best of plans things can go wrong. Humanity's ark, the Hyperion, finds itself in this situation from the very...

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Still getting drunk around the galaxy 0

I usually tend to make my own mind before purchasing a game and totally ignore the buzz. I read reviews and opinions after I experienced it first hand. Sometimes, to check if it's worth my dough, I watch a bit of let's play and ignore the comments. Although my rules of acquisition are a bit more complex, I got ME Andromeda for a single reason: if it has Mass Effect in the title, I play it first and complain later.It's impossible to give ME Andromeda a single sentence: it's good or lame, 1 or 5 ...

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Less like Mass Effect: The Next Generation and more like Mass Effect: Voyager 0

Just as much as there's a tremendous value in a game - or an example of any medium - that excels at everything it sets out to do, there's also something to be said for a good old fashioned trash fire. Certainly not for everyone, but sometimes it's gratifying to wallow in the worst and have a good time. Between these two extremes, unfortunately, there exists that awful middle ground of indifference, and sadly that's where Mass Effect: Andromeda, bearer of the vaunted Mass Effect legacy, has foun...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC) Review 0

Many problems prevent Bioware's latest entry in the Mass Effect franchise from rising above mediocrity. Marred by technical issues, the game also suffers from poor dialogue, inconsistent and awkward line delivery, unfortunate voice actors for some key characters, and wasted potential in the overarching plot. Many of the little aspects of lore and world building are absent from Andromeda, and the comedic angles of the original trilogy's writing are far too often overemphasized and poorly executed...

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Underrated 0

Not the best entry in the Mass Effect-verse, and more akin to a spinoff. Andromeda is a misunderstood and really impressive game in its own right though, with a nice change up in terms of setting. Whereas ME 1 - 3 opted for an end-of-the-world battle for survival tale, Andromeda is a far more relaxing story of exploration. Characters and writing are on the whole less interesting, but just the sense of scale and venturing out into the unknown are really quite spectacular. Ultimately it comes off ...

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A depressing journey through a beloved Universe *Spoilers... if you care?* 0

So... the internet has already told you how bad this game is. I'm sure they've told you how disappointing and depressing it is too.This review is more about me I think... its the eulogy I needed to write on my way to recovering from my crushing disappointment.I love the Mass Effect Trilogy. I've played through those games almost every year since the day they were released a decade ago. Thats a long time, and a lot of Mass Effect.The Mass Effect Trilogy is kind of a unique experience, one I feel...

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Leaving everything behind 0

A story about explorers leaving the Reaper threat behind for a whole new galaxy, Mass Effect Andromeda brings improved 3rd person combat, Dragon Age Inquisition-like open world roaming, and shiny new graphics. Unfortunately, the utter mess the characters find themselves in upon awaking from cryosleep is a perfect metaphor of the game itself. One cannot help but feel the newly found was not worth what had to be left behind for this voyage.Leaving the previous galaxy, all those beloved characters,...

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Boring in every regard 0

What if Mass Effect was a huge open world?What if Mass Effect was in a new galaxy with new friends and enemies?What if Mass Effect had a kind of weak story(also see Mass Effect 3)?What if Mass Effect was packed full of loot resources and crafting that was completely meaningless?What if Mass Effect was full of bugs glitches and and overall complete lack of any sort of care or polish that is expected from a game in a series of this caliber?Mass Effect Andromeda seeks to answer all of these questio...

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i wanted 0

Your review must be at least 100 words long.Use clear, easy-to-follow language whenever possible.Remember: Your words may be the words that sway a reader into buying or avoiding this product. So act responsibly!Remember that there's an entire wiki page that should already be full of story details and other facts about the product you're reviewing. We welcome full-on professional reviews, but if you're interested in keeping it short, stick to your thoughts and observations on the product.Don't wr...

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A Distant Star 0

Regardless of how well or poorly you personally received the ending of the original Mass Effect trilogy, following those games with a non-reboot, non-sequel game in the same universe is going to be a tall order for anyone. Mass Effect: Andromeda (as reported by Kotaku) had a difficult development, and it shows. But the biggest factor for whether or not you'll get some enjoyment out of this game can be boiled down to a single question: what did you think of Dragon Age: Inquisition? In the non-re...

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moving in the right direction, but marred by technical issues and too many fetch quests 0

What I was hoping to get form this game was something closer to the original game.I will start with the negatives: the PS4 version (regular, not Pro) has severe framerate issues and glitches, especially when there's lots of action happening on the screen and when the game is saving. It did not bother me for the first 20 hours or so, it was not that noticeable. However, it eventually got worse and worse, towards the middle and end of the game. It was noticeable and irritating. Towards the latter ...

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