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    Max Gentlemen

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 21, 2014

    Max Gentlemen is an "extreme manners simulator" from the insane minds that brought you Organ Trail.

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    Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style action game where players attempt to stack as many hats as possible on their character's head while avoiding obstacles such as birds, boomerangs, and beer glasses by jumping column of hats.


    There are two modes: Drinky and Dodgy. In Drinky the player can move left and right in order to collect beers, each of which will add one hat to the corresponding character's stack. Obstacles will periodically fly across the screen which, if they come in contact with the hat stack, will knock a hat off. To avoid these obstacles the player slides their finger up and down, selecting a hat which, when released, will jump up clearing the obstacle. In Dodgy, the player character is in a car and must jump his hat stack to collect more hats as they pass, all the while avoiding birds which can knock a hat off. Both modes can be played against an AI opponent, a real opponent over WIFI, or as a single-player score attack.


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