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    Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Aug 08, 2003

    Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge infuses the Mega Man from the Battle Network series with a original card battling game.

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    Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is a spinoff featuring every NetNavi (that is operated by a human character) from Battle Network 1, 2, and 3, along with two exclusive Operator/Navi teams: Kai/TurboMan.EXE and Mary/Ring.EXE. In Japan, the game was released for two platforms: the Game Boy Advance (Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP), and Wonderswan Color (Rockman EXE N1 Battle). The Wonderswan release has less animation, fewer chips, and lacks "Slot In" chips and the Open Battle.

    Instead of an Action RPG like most of the Battle Network franchise, Battle Chip Challenge is more of a simulation game that incorporates many Battle Network features. Players build a "Program Deck" from which chips are randomly selected; the object is to reduce the opponent's HP to 0 or have the most HP after a certain amount of turns.



    Each bout in Battle Chip Challenge begins by setting up the Program Deck, a list of chips that will be used in the battle. Each Program deck consists of one NaviChip, up to nine regular chips, and one or two "Slot-In chips." From there the battle is waged in the following manner:
    The start of a typical turn
    The start of a typical turn

    • Computer selects three Battle Chips from the Program Deck at random; one from the front, one from the middle (above and below the chosen front chip), and one from the rear (above and below the chosen middle chip).
    • Front chips are used, order based on their priority ratings.
    • Middle chips are used, order based on their priority ratings.
    • Rear chips are used, order based on their priority ratings.
    • NaviChip attacks are used, order based on their priority ratings.
    • Repeat until one Navi logs out or a certain amount of turns pass.

    Anytime after the current chips are chosen, the player may attempt to use their Slot-In chip (more below).


    Predictably the most important aspect of combat in Battle Chip Challenge. Like the main series, each BattleChip has a damage rating and Megabyte rating; however, in this game Chips also have an HP rating and a Priority rating. In BCC, BattleChips can be attacked, damaged, and ultimately destroyed by other BattleChips or Navi attacks.

    Each BattleChip has separate properties, much like the main series. There are many BattleChips that target the first chip, last chip, or all chips. Stage chips change the panels, granting double damage to one of the game's four elements. Barrier chips are equipped once selected, and any damage directed to the Navi is instead directed to the Barrier. Aura chips prohibit the NaviChip for taking damage unless it exceeds a certain number.

    Slot-In Gauge/Slot-In Chips

    A percentage located near the bottom of the screen that increases with each turn. This percentage represents the probability of successfully activating a Slot-In chip when L or R is pressed. Slot-In chips can be activated at any time, and are resolved after the current "step" is finished.

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