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Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? 1

So I’m undertaking the questionable but personal challenge of writing the lengthiest, most elaborate reviews possible for the entire Mega Man ennealogy. An “ennealogy” refers to a series of nine, according to random strangers on Yahoo Answers. My motivations for bothering with such a primitive series that makes so few changes from installment to installment? Because each game is short enough to beat in a few hours tops. Because I’m somewhat of a Mega Man fanboy. Because it pads out my review num...

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Mega Man: A Middle-Aged Man's Legacy 1

Though it boasts quite possibly the worst box art of not only any Mega Man game, but any NES game, how much do we owe to this classic? Well, let's find out as I attempt to rekindle those lost childhood memories, taking you through the original Mega Man, overviewing the Story, Graphics, Sound, and Gameplay, and as a little bonus, I'll be scoring each of the six Robot Masters. Hope you're ready!STORY 3/5Upon flicking your NES on, you are greeted by a default blue screen spouting "Mega Man" - okay,...

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Pull out your pea shooter, and get ready to take down Dr. Wily 0

Here is a game in which you take the role of a young man, in a blue suit with a pea shooter and out to save the world from the evil scientist, Dr. Wily. Mega Man is like an action platformer with shooting elements, along with dodging tons of enemies, as well as obstacles.  In Mega Man you choose from one of six bosses, in which you can take down in any order, but learning the game you will then discover which is the best path to take on these bosses. When you defeat a boss and their level, you w...

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