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Melfice is Ryudo's elder brother, who grew up with him on the Isle of Swordsmen and served as a role model for him and the entire village. One day the sword upon which the town was built began to create earthquakes, and in investigating the disturbance, Melfice's Fiancee found a Piece of Valmar sealed near the sword. Armed with the sword, Melfice murdered his fiancee in front of Ryudo and the whole village as she was possessed by the horns of Valmar, then left without explanation, leading the villagers to banish Ryudo as well by association. It takes Ryudo a long time and two major battles to realize that his brother is not really himself anymore, but merely a host for the Horns of Valmar. Finding that after he had killed his possessed fiancee, the horns jumped into Melfice. Ryudo ultimately deals Melfice a mortal wound, freeing him from Valmar's possession, but causing Ryudo himself to become the next host. Only through the intervention of Elena and Millenia does Ryudo manage to overcome the Horns and escape Melfice's fate.

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