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Metal Gear Fan Service

       Metal Gear Solid was a landmark achievement in video games when it was released back in 1998. It pretty much popularized the stealth genre we know today. Add in some amazing cinematic presentation and a complex narrative, and you've got yourself a hit. However, it's also one of those love it or hate it kind of games, and depending on what side of the fence your on, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater  is either another overrated video game or the best thing since... well, Metal Gear Solid 2. If your like me, you waited years for this game, and you know what?  At least for fans, it was more than worth the wait.  

 Meet Naked Snake
 Meet Naked Snake

- Epic storyline that’s better than Sons of Liberty in nearly everyway (meaning there is actually a sense of closure this time around), and possibly the best in the series yet

- New characters that are introduced represent some of the series best (the relationship between the Boss and Snake is especially complex and interesting)

- Familiar faces are given more back-story that change perception of who that character is

- Amazing boss battles that have never been before in a game and are undeniably the greatest in a series of incredible bosses

- Massive number of awesome abilities and moves the player can pull off

- Beautiful outdoor jungle environments

- New setting adds wonders to gameplay. The player needs to use their surroundings to survive, and they’ll feel like a hunting predator as they stalk their prey

- Camouflage system gives stealth another layer of strategy and depth

- Healing system has players actually treating serious injuries (burns, deep cuts, gun shots, etc.) with bandages, stitches, and the like

- The food system takes advantage of the natural setting and survival theme

- Snake vs. Monkeys mode (featuring the Ape Escape mascots) is actually a pretty fun mode, and a good way to practice Snake’s abilities

- Superb cinematic presentation. Gameplay looks amazing, and cut-scenes are still better than most of today’s games.

- Great voice acting and sound effects

- Still one of gaming’s greatest soundtracks to date

 Sneaking is still the focus, but it requires a slightly different strategy out in the wilderness.
 Sneaking is still the focus, but it requires a slightly different strategy out in the wilderness.

- Controls feel a bit dated, and take some getting used to

- Pressure sensitive button inputs (functions that change based on how hard the button is pressed) can be frustrating in some situations

- No first-person character movement

- As cool and interesting as many abilities are, only a few are absolutely necessary in completing the game. As a result, many players may miss out on some of the game’s coolest features

- Starts out very slowly, with too much exposition and not enough actual gameplay

- Voice acting is occasionally spotty, but can rarely be called bad

- Lip syncing is all over the place. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not

- Honestly, you either love Metal Gear or you hate it. This installment hasn’t evolved much from part 2, so it won’t change anyone’s mind 

 In a few moments, this unsuspecting guard will finally get to experience the the thrill of flying.
 In a few moments, this unsuspecting guard will finally get to experience the the thrill of flying.
      Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is undoubtedly a great game for fans of the series, but nothing more than that. Since I am a fan, and this is my review, of course it scored high. But if you didn't like the previous Metal Gear Solid titles, Snake Eater won't do anything to change your mind. If you've never played a Metal Gear Solid game before, and are looking to jump in, I recommend the original PlayStation game or the awesome GameCube remake, Twin Snakes. It will be way easier to understand the awesome story there, and the gameplay is basically the same as in Snake Eater, minus a few additions here that you can live without. If your a fan, though, and you haven't bought MGS3... what the hell? Go do it. Now. 

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