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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released 1985

    A Namco action game where the player is a contestant on the futuristic gameshow: Metro Cross!

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    You're Winner!
    You're Winner!

    Metro-Cross is an early (1985) Namco Arcade game that was eventually ported to the Famicom and computers such as the C64 and Atari ST.

    The player is a contestant on the eponymous futuristic game show Metro Cross. In order to win, the player must run along an obstacle course, jumping over giant soda cans and hurdles, as well as avoiding green tiles that will slow them down. Every level has a very strict amount of time to finish with, but whatever time is left over from their first three rounds will carry on to the fourth.


    • Blue Soda Can: A small, stationary can of soda. Kicking this will earn points, stomping on it will give the player a temporary stop on the clock. The points they get depend on how many times the can has been kicked.
    • Green Soda Can: A larger can. Kicking this will give the player a temporary burst of speed, and stomping it will stop the clock.
    • Skateboard: Increases speed and lets the player move freely on green tiles, but jumping or getting hit will lose it. Getting on a skateboard when already on one will result in bonus points.
    • Ramps: Yellow ramp-like trampolines often line the courses. They do almost nothing unless the player times their jump as they hit one, launching them several yards forward.


    Sentient cans like to mess with the runner.
    Sentient cans like to mess with the runner.
    • Red Cola Can: These giant cans will often roll at the player in patterns. Jump on them and trip, run into them and get squished.
    • Green Tiles: Stepping on these will drastically reduce speed. Avoid these.
    • Hurdles: These are just normal hurdles. Jump over, or avoid them.
    • Vents: These vents shoot what look like party favors underneath the player if they step on it, shooting them up several feet before landing, leaving them to recover for a second before running again.
    • Mice: Some rounds have green mice that will latch on to the player, slowing them down for a bit. They will leave the player alone after a while, or they can get hit by something else to scare them away.
      Red Cube of Terror, relaxing at home.
      Red Cube of Terror, relaxing at home.
    • Giant Red Cube of Terror: This cube will rotate slowly along the Y-axis.
    • Small Pool: These glassy, light-blue tiles will swallow the player up if jumped on.
    • Pillars: These pillars move up and down rapidly, making jumps difficult to time.
    • Bouncy Tires: These tires will bounce at the player. Run underneath them.
    • Time Limit: Time limits are strict in this game, so stomp the hell out of some cans. Running out of time means electrocution.


    • The main screen's theme music was later used as the musical backing to the "theme song" for Namco's 2009 PSN release Noby Noby Boy.

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