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Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs are attempting to infiltrate the drug cartel run by Manuel Ortega. Things get troublesome when the leader of the criminal empire is killed by hitmen and his beautiful daughter is in danger.


Playable characters

Player takes on roles of Sonny Crockett or Ricardo Tubbs in this 3d cover based shooter. Most of the time player can switch between the two characters instantly during the game play by pressing the select button. Computer takes over the character that player is not using and player can issue commands to it.

Sonny Crockett

  • Owns a pet crocodile.
  • Quick and silent movement.
  • Has low armor rating.
  • Climbing ability.
  • Can use pistols and light fire arms.

Ricardo Tubbs

  • Can charm any woman.
  • Slow and loud movement.
  • High armor rating.
  • Can't climb or jump very far.
  • Has a dive move.
  • Can kick heavier doors in.
  • Can use heavier guns and assault riffles.


Lost health is regained slowly when player is not taking damage. Medikits can be used for instant healing, but are used only when player walks over them and are rare. If one character loses his health, player must use the remaining character to rescue the injured partner in limited time or game is over.

Arrest mode

Player has option to arrest enemies instead of killing them. In order to perform an arrest player must target specific enemy and press the square button. When enemy's hands are up and player is near enough, another press of the square button handcuffs the enemy and completes the arrest. Player can arrest group of enemies if the A.I. partner is near and he manages to switch between the targets during the arrest.

A.I. Partner

Player can issue these commands to the A.I. partner:

  • Follow me.
  • Go forward/Move in.
  • Take cover.
  • Stay here.


Crockett has 10mm automatic pistol as his standard weapon and Tubbs has a sawed off shotgun. Both weapons have unlimited ammunition. Player can pick up weapons that enemies drop, but these have limited ammunition. Any weapon type can only be used by one of the characters so there is no compatibility overlapping.

Weapons that Crockett can pick up:

  • 9mm pistol
  • Silenced 9mm pistol
  • .45 pistol
  • Heavy handgun
  • Machine pistol

Weapons that Tubbs can pick up:

  • Tubbs' pump action shotgun
  • Grenade launcher
  • Sub machine gun
  • 9mm SMG
  • Assault riffle

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