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    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jan 31, 1997

    A Super Famicom roguelike RPG developed by Tomcat System in 1997. The player enters the tower of an evil wizard who has captured the eponymous princess.

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    Milandra is an RPG released on the Super Famicom and one of several games that ASCII Corporation released on the system on the 31st of January in 1997, along with Gunple: Gunman's Proof and Pikinya!. The game is a top-down roguelike, a dungeon-crawler that randomizes its floors and item drops. As the player ascends the tower, the enemies become more dangerous and the player will need some measure of luck as well as strategy to survive.

    The game's story concerns the wizard Shylock who captures the Princess Milandra by transforming into an enormous crow and carrying her off to the peak of his monolithic tower. A brave hero takes pursuit, but must navigate the labyrinthine and monster-filled floors of the tower to reach the abcucted royal at the top.


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